Bonnie Tyler's Song Is A Karaoke Legend

Neil Patrick Harris just made a lot of karaoke dreams come true on Best Time Ever on Tuesday night. His Sing-a-Long Karaoke segment this week featured the ultimate karaoke song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with singer Bonnie Tyler. But who is Bonnie Tyler? Well, the Welsh singer is the original artist behind the karaoke staple tune, which topped the charts in 1983 in the United States and the UK. And a bunch of lucky folks got to sing with Tyler and guest Nicole Scherzinger during the sing-a-long segment. Talk about dreams coming true.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" has been covered several times since Tyler hit it big with the song. Most 90s kids (like myself) are probably more familiar with the dance cover of the song by Nikki French that became a hit in 1995. Irish band Westlife also covered the song in 2006. Tyler herself has also rerecorded "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in various duets and in various languages, along with Only Men Aloud!, winners of the BBC's Last Choir Standing in 2009.

Tyler is also known for her other hit song, "Holding Out For A Hero," which she and Scherzinger sang during Best Time Ever's "End of Show" show to close out the second episode of the variety series. Throughout the episode, NPH bantered with guest announcer Alec Baldwin, tested his news knowledge against Late Night host Seth Meyers