Will Annalise and Frank Get Together on 'HTGAWM?'

Let's face it: Regardless of gender and sexuality, you can basically take any two people from How to Get Away with Murder , and you've got yourself a fairly solid 'ship. After all, everyone's so beautiful and charismatic and enigmatic; you can make the case for pretty much any pairing. There's one 'ship in particular, though, that's started to build up steam since the show's finale last February — and that's Annalise and Frank as a couple. What do you think? Going into Season 2, will Annalise and Frank eventually get together on HTGAWM?

Besides the fact that both parties are off-the-charts attractive (which is something that pretty much goes without saying on a Shondaland show), and boast major chemistry with one another, it's really their mysterious working relationship that suggests a possible spark. After all, what happened between them that he's willing to commit felonies for her? Just why is Frank so very (very!) loyal to his morally ambiguous boss? There's also the fact that, as of the Season 1 finale, the two of them found a body (Rebecca Sutter's body, to be specific) together — and if that doesn't throw them into a lot of tension-filled situations together, I don't know what will. (Case in point: The entirety of Season 1).

We also discovered that Annalise and Frank's relationship is even more complicated than we always thought — after all, it was Annalise's husband Sam that ordered Frank to kill Lila Stangard, citing a favor owed. What possibly could have transpired between Frank and Sam that was worthy of strangling a pregnant sorority girl to death? I have no earthly idea, but I'm willing to bet that it has a little something to do with one Professor Annalise Keating — so I think we can safely assume that we've only just begun to scratch the surface of their strange relationship.

For their parts, the two actors behind the fan favorite characters think there's definitely a lot to be explored with their relationship — Viola Davis hinted in a Season 1 postmortem with The Hollywood Reporter that Season 2 would delve into Frank and Annalise's shared history:

The writers are going to explore that much more in the future: How he came to work with Annalise and what his background was. Charlie and I have tried to theorize as much as we could with what Frank and Annalise's past is and what their relationship is.

It's also worth noting that when THR asked what she thought of a future Frank/Annalise pairing, she reacted quite enthusiastically, saying "I love that idea, I never thought of that!" And, later she added, "Frank and Annalise? I'll go for it!"

Charlie Weber also finds the Annalise/Frank relationship to be pretty darn compelling. He told Variety,

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between Frank and Annalise and why he’s so loyal to her and why he agrees to commit felony after felony. All she has to do is ask, and he just goes and does it. I really love that about him.

Neither actor said anything concrete about a future romantic liaison, but hey — stranger things have definitely happened, and an ill-advised tryst is kind of par for the course on HTGAWM at this point.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC; giphy