Kylie Jenner Closes Out Summer In A Back Bikini

Summer 2015 is pretty much O-V-E-R. It was a season of changing looks in the Kardashian (or "Kardashianner") family and that includes Kim and Khloe going blonde and Caitlyn's absolutely fabulous transformation. But the family's biggest fashion chameleon was Kylie Jenner, who closed out summer 2015 in a black bikini, which showed off her shapely derriere.

You can also see her natural, dark, and shoulder-length locks, which are catching a break after a follicle-frazzling season of blue, blonde, and lots of length.

The younger Jenner sister spent much of her spring and summer in one-pieces and bikinis. Many of her swimsuits have been black. She even donned one of her mother Kris Jenner's old Body Glove suits.

I find it fitting that she opted to show off her real hair while posing in her swimsuit. It was getting hard to keep up with her ever-morphing looks.

The teen reality starlet truly has emerged as the style star of her family — even her app eclipsed those of her sisters. Considerable online chatter circled around every fashion move that Jenner made over the past few months. So it's safe to say that she slayed the summer of 2015.

With her Lip Kits on the way and a no doubt busy fall ahead of her, Jenner is smooching summer goodbye in this super sexy swimsuit, which had "God Save Queens" stamped on the bands.

So strappy, right? I am all about the black aviators. Those are keepers through winter, even when the bikinis are stored and waiting for the weather to break.

Best thing about this pic? Her amazing, silly, and caught-in-the-moment smile. We don't see that often, since Jenner is usually such a serious Insta girl, as evidenced by her mirror selfies.

The suit is skimpier and saucier from the back, yo! Bootylish, indeed.

Now about Jenner's ever-changing, swimsuit-specific summer style? Let's strut down memory lane.

She was a mermaid with mega long, mint green locks.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She was also a honey blonde.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylizzle made a left turn and went with bright blonde.

The powder blue hair hue!

She rocked a silver bikini with stacked bangles, which is my fave swimsuit accessory look.

Strappy black bikinis which can double as lingerie? Those have been Jenner's thang.

Did I mention her love of black, strappy, and pool-ready? Oh, right, I did.

Off-white and strapless also worked on dat curvy frame.

The bikini body was on full display in summer of 2015.

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Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (10)