Kylie Jenner Teased Lip Kit With Brown Lip Look

Dark, matte lips are a fall and winter staple. Of course that lip trend will apply to the queen of expertly painted, pouty lips... but perhaps with a twist. Kylie Jenner previewed her Kylie Lip Kit with a photo of her perfectly traced, dark brown pout. The Instagram photo wasn't out of the ordinary, since full, voluptuous lips are her thing and she shows them off... a lot. What's exciting is that the snap is a sneak peek of what appears to be her upcoming lip product line.

The youngest Jenner sister didn't provide any concrete details about when we can get our hands on her kits or who she has teamed up with for them. She just used a hashtag and instead encouraged us to "Stay Tuned."

I'm tuned, Kylie. I'm tuned. While Kylie didn't give us information, she did give us a visual. That's good enough for me... for now, anyway.

The Kylie Jenner lip look has been one of the hottest topics of 2015, from the constant media chatter to the teen's admission that she did get an assist from fillers.

Since her lips are her signature feature, of course it was only a matter of time before the starlet monetized with product. Plus, lip kits, with tools and products, are way better and safer than the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

There's the familiar Kylie Jenner lip look. She has done black lips and she has done ultra nude, but this look is a perfect mix of both. It's darker and more wine hued than her usual pinky nude; it's also more wearable than the dark 'n' inky lip shade she has played with in the past. It still follows the basic Kylie Jenner lip template, though.

Remember the nude x pouty Kylie. It's such a hallmark.

This is the lip look that defines her.

So now my curiosity is utterly raging. What are these lip kits? Are they palettes? Will they be in stick form, with a tool, like a lip brush? When will they be available?

Jenner has something in her hand in the IG photo, but there's no telling if or how it applies to these mysterious kits.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Look will remain a thing through 2015 and beyond. That's all I know.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (4)