Woman Shares Hidden Tattoo With Her Parents

This American Life has taken to helping people, like this woman telling her parents about her secret tattoos after hiding them for 12 years. The big reveal happened on This American Life 4 U, a show in which Bianca Giaever and This American Life help people saying things they've been struggling to get out. Like, "Mom, Dad, I have 17 tattoos I've been hiding from you for 12 years." The woman with all the tattoos is Maggie, and she hid her impressive body art from her Catholic parents because she feared they wouldn't approve.

I get it. I got a tattoo when I was 18 and kept it from my parents for a decade. At first it was because I thought I might get in trouble (I was still in high school and keenly aware of "getting in trouble"), but after a few years it became apparent that they wouldn't care, and that my tattoo was terrible, so then I just didn't tell them out of embarrassment. Eventually I told them, and my mum thought it was hilarious, and that my tattoo was stupid, which it is. Maggie had a similar experience with her parents, assuming things about them that turned out to be untrue (although her tattoos are actually very classy and personal). Here are some highlights from Maggie's story:

1. Maggie Assumed Her Parents Thought Of People With Tattoos As "Low Lifes"

2. They Called On A Pastor To Help Maggie Address Her Catholic Parents

3. Maggie's First Few Tattoos Are Actually Quite Religious

4. She Has A Huge "Mom & Dad" Tattoo On Her Side

5. After The Big Reveal, Her Parents Were Super Accepting And Kind

Watch the whole thing below:

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