A Song For Women Who Wear Activewear Everywhere

If you're the kind of woman who lives in yoga pants, then this parody song about women who wear activewear everywhere is for you. If you're not, you know the kind of woman it's talking about: she's always in her running shoes and sports bra, no matter if she's going to the gym or going to the store. But she's mostly not going to the gym and generally always doing non-active things. She lives in comfort, and she's following her bliss, and we all secretly envy her. So without being malicious, both activewear-clad and not-so-activewear-clad women can get a kick out of this parody. Because even if we're not her all the time, sometimes we try to be her. I mean, who hasn't spent a Saturday running errands in some sweet gear?

The video comes from Australian comedy group Skit Box, and perfectly encapsulates both how ridiculously chic and hilarious women who wear activewear everywhere are. Of course, men do the same, but this appears to be an all-female comedy troupe so they've stuck with what they know. It's cute, funny, and likely to make yourself have a good old chuckle at yourself if you identify as a activewear wearer. As it turns out, you can do just about anything while decked out in your activewear. Here are some of the song's funniest moments:

1. Doing Groceries In Activewear

2. Smoking On The Street In Activewear

3. Buying Activewear In Activewear

4. Waiting For The Bus In Activewear

5. Being Hungover In Activewear

Watch the whole hilarious thing below:

Images: YouTube (6)