What The Heck Does "Lordt" Mean?

There's a lot of slang floating around on the Internet, so how exactly is one supposed to make sense of it all? Good news, folks: I'm here to teach you how to interpret it. In this week's edition of "I don't understand what the young people are saying," we are going to take a look at what "lordt" means. People on the Internet seem confused, and surprisingly, Urban Dictionary has no answers as of yet for the lost. So, let's take a look, shall we?

Unlike many slang words and phrases like with my woes, on fleek, and flex, lordt has an extraordinarily simple meaning, according to a thread on User McGuirk asked the question:

What does lordt mean? I see it a lot here... Urban Dictionary doesn't have an entry for it. People use it the same as you use "lord" but sometimes there's a t after it. And I don't think it's a typo because many people do it repeatedly.

To soothe his confused head and heart, user Lemon Pepper responded with a simple answer: "LOL! It just puts more emphasis on 'lord.'" User LaBamba went on to further clarify, "Its [sic] just like typing out Lawd instead of Lord. Some folks put that extra hard emphasis on the end of the word and it sounds more like LordT than LordD. The best example I can give is Morris Chestnut praying in The Best Man."

Let's take a look at some examples from Twitter when "lordt" simply helps the sentence look more amped than if the person had used "lord."

1. When You're Excited About Food

2. When You're Fan-Girling

3. When You're A Little Frustrated

4. When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

5. When You're Turnt

6. When You're Just Swooning

So there you have it: Nice and simple. Now go forth and add all the extra emphasis to your vocabulary you like.

Image: pathdoc/Fotolia