'BK99', Can Jake & Amy Just Happen Already?

The temperature is cooling, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in full swing and the scarves are coming out, which means one thing: Fall TV is back. Most importantly, Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is premiering and we'll finally know what happened after it left us with a major cliffhanger. Jake and Amy finally kissed at the end of Season 2, teasing fans everywhere with the hope of a relationship between the couple we’ve been shipping since the show started. So the big question here is whether or not Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago are dating and we kind of got an answer from producer Dan Goor.

Here’s what we know: Not only are we meeting the new captain, played by Bill Hader, but Goor said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly they are addressing Jake and Amy’s cliffhanger in the premiere. “It’s not smooth sailing from here on out,” Goor said. “They work together, they’re different personalities. They kissed in a moment of trauma, and now they have to figure out what’s happening.” Notice how he didn’t say they weren’t going to become a couple. I predict that they do this back and forth thing for awhile, because you know, we love a good sexual tension plot line, and eventually they will end up deciding to go for it.

Until then, we can continue dreaming about why “Jamy” would be the perfect couple.

They Balance Each Other Out

Amy is too uptight and Jake is too laid back. Together, they are the perfect balance for each other forcing Amy to have a bit more fun in life and making Jake a bit more serious about being an adult.

They Make A Good Team

Not that Boyle and Peralta aren’t a good team, but have you noticed that whenever Amy and Jake work together they make a great team? That’s how you know you’re the perfect couple. Plus their partner scenes are more fun because of the flirting and the tension.

They Are The Only Ship-Worthy Couple

As a viewer, I need a couple that I want to get together and root for throughout a series. Shows without at least one couple who you desperately want to be together just isn’t fun. There are no other couples to currently ship on the show (No one wanted Boyle and Gina to be a thing), therefore, Amy and Jake are the couple that we need.

It’s So Obvious They Like Each Other

If you watched the last two seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine there is literally no denying that they’re both attracted to each other. Especially in that last episode when they finally kissed. Duh. I mean, to put it in their words, things are changing.

They Are Adorable

So. darn. cute.

The Plot Line Needs To Keep Moving

There were parts of last season where the plot line kind of stalled a bit and it would be a perfect way to keep things going. Although, I personally don’t need them together immediately, I like the whole sexual tension thing, for now…

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