'HTGAWM' Still Has Plenty Of Secrets To Spill

When the title of the show you're watching has the word "murder" in it, then you can kinda assume you'll be looking at a few dead bodies from time to time. I mean, that pretty much just comes with the territory. However, that didn't make seeing Rebecca's dead body in the How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 finale any less shocking. Just when you thought she had somehow managed to escape Annalise's basement, we see her lifeless corpse shoved underneath the basement stairs. And while her killer still remains unknown, there are a few select people who know about Rebecca's untimely death. While the rest of the gang are under the impression that Rebecca simply made a break for it, Annalise and Frank know the grim truth. And according to them, they're both apparently innocent in the crime.

"Was it you?" Annalise asked Frank, to which he immediately responded with, "No, Annalise, you know I’m not that guy. Besides, I thought it was you." This is kind of a confusing statement coming from Frank considering that he was the one who killed Lila Stangard. He is totally "that guy." But just for arguments sake, let's say that they're both telling the truth and had nothing to do with Rebecca's demise. In fact, perhaps their knowledge of the crime is what actually makes them innocent.

After all, wouldn't the series want the true killer to feign ignorance, at least for a while? That way viewers wouldn't immediately know who the guilty party is. Granted, I wouldn't put it past either of these two characters to lie right to each other's faces. They've certainly proven on multiple occasions to be world class liars. (It's a big part of the criteria for the whole "getting away with murder" thing.) So knowledge doesn't necessarily equal innocence, but I'm opting to believe in their statements, at least for now.

Either way, though, they (along with whoever the killer is, of course) are the only ones who know the truth behind Rebecca's disappearing act. But according to Entertainment Weekly, the person responsible for Rebecca's death will be unmasked during the Season 2 premiere, which means this secret will more than likely get blown wide open for all to hear. Though, I suppose it's completely possible that only we, as the audience, will discover the truth, while the rest of the characters continue to be in the dark.

However, knowing how much this series loves its drama, I'm willing to bet there's going to be some retribution, especially from whoever it was that received Rebecca's cryptic "Eggs 911" text message. He/She knew Rebecca was in trouble and may be out for payback once word gets out about her death. Or perhaps this person was actually the one to do her in. As it stands now, anything is possible…

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