What Does "Eggs 911" Mean On 'HTGAWM' Finale?

A lot went down during the HTGAWM finale, but the biggest thing is that the Keating Four took Rebecca hostage while trying to prove that she actually did kill Lila. Then, in the midst of being held captive, Lila texts a mysterious number "Eggs 911," because isn't that what we all would do in the situation? Ugh, take a moment to pick up your mind which just exploded. After learning about Rebecca's shadiness during the night Lila died, Wes, Connor, Laurel, and Michaela tied Rebecca up, literally taped her mouth shut, and called Annalise to swoop in and claim Rebecca a killer. And while the question remains as to what Rebecca knows and what she doesn't know, the bigger question is what does "Eggs 911" mean?

During a moment of weakness during the hostage crisis at Annalise's office, Rebecca grabbed Michaela's phone and texted an unknown number the message "Eggs 911." No one knows who it was, know one knows what it means. But that doesn't mean we can't have some questions about it and some predictions as to what it means and who it went to.

But first, I'm not trying to judge Rebecca, but who are her friends that she can text a mysterious message to? We've seen her hang out with one person this entire season, and that's Wes. I don't exactly see her in a group text with her closest BFFs, sending emojis all day. Also, are we supposed to buy that she knows someone's phone number off the top of her head. This sounds super millennial, but WHO KNOWS PHONE NUMBERS?

I was hoping the Keating crew could just do a reverse phone search to get the identity of the person the number belonged to, but no one suggested such a thing. I feel like my untrained semi-computer savvy self could find the identity of the person the number belonged to, so there's no way Frank couldn't handle something like that.

And then there's the question of what "Eggs 911" means. Here are a few guesses:

  • "Eggs" is someone that knows Rebecca's deal. A close friend, maybe.
  • "Eggs 911" means Rebecca is seriously hungover and needs some EGGS ASAP.
  • Eggs 911 is Sam's sister, who Rebecca has been in touch with during the entire case.
  • EGGS 911 is Griffin, who Rebeca is really in a relationship with.
  • EGGS 911 is police code. SURPRISE: Rebecca is a cop a la 22 Jump Street.
  • EGGS could correlate to 3447, which could be Annalise's address... which we haven't seen. Hey, it would make sense!

OK, but in all reality, it's probably the address, right?

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Image: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC