After 'BB' James Is Sure To Find A Girlfriend

by Marenah Dobin

I could not help but feel for James Huling in the Big Brother house. James had a crush on Meg from the very start and the poor dude got stuck in the friend zone for the entire summer. I'm not hating on Meg by any means for this. I totally get it: The romantic chemistry just wasn't there for her. But, still, I really want the best for James. I feel like he's so ready for a lady, and cuffing season is around the corner. I just want to know if James will find a girlfriend outside of the Big Brother house. Sadly, there are no live feeds of real life or spoilers for me to read so I can answer this question. But, I am just really hopeful for the guy.

I think that the house prankster came off really well on Big Brother and we got to see a lot of different sides to his personality. We can see that James is a good guy and a very loyal person who is dedicated to his daughter. He has a charming personality and is always down to get silly with some pranks. There have to be some James superfans watching with the hopes of getting with the self described "Hillbilly Asian."

I feel like James is going to be feeling a lot of love when he is able to enter the real world and this will give him a nice boost in confidence when it comes to pursuing women. So if James wants to find a lady, I'm betting he will be successful. Or at least I hope so! James definitely deserves to find that kind of happiness.

I obviously have no definitive answer to this question, but I think the possibility is high and all of us Big Brother fans are rooting for James to find his very own Meg IRL.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS