How Did Lucy Meet Her Boyfriend?

Move over Ezra Fitz, because Aria Montgomery has found love in real life. If you didn't know, Lucy Hale is dating Anthony Kalabretta. Dating rumors started swirling around the Pretty Little Liars star in July, when she and the musician were spotted getting cozy in Hawaii. Ever since then, the actress hasn't been shy about expressing her love and sharing photos of her man. So, how did Lucy Hale and Anthony Kalabretta meet?

Well, they definitely didn't meet like Aria and Ezra did during the very first episode of PLL. Remember when Ezria had that awkward meet-cute at a Rosewood bar and then ended up making out in the bathroom? Oh, and things got even more uncomfortable when Aria learned Ezra was her English teacher. Yeah, Hale and Kalabretta definitely didn't meet like that. Their meet-cute was reportedly a lot more normal and so not creepy.

A source told Us Weekly, "They [Hale and Kalabretta] met through mutual friends and bonded over a lot of things — just having fun and their shared love of music. She has a thing for musicians. They celebrated her birthday together with her friends. She’s been happier than I’ve seen her for awhile, enjoying her hiatus from the show."

There's no doubt she's happy. I mean, just look at this photo Hale shared Wednesday on Instagram.

As you can see, she captioned the photo, "Things that matter, things that don't." Well, I think it's safe to say Kalabretta means a lot to Hale, or they wouldn't be in a passionate lip lock. Plus, check out some of these other adorable pictures they've shared on IG proving their love might be even stronger than Ezria's.

That Time They Got "Car Sick"

They sure look cute for getting "car sick."

That Time They Looked Scared


That Time They Hugged

The sweetness is real.

That Time They Gave Major #RelationshipGoals

Yeah. Hale looks over the moon.