Lucy Hale's Rumored New Boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta Is Just Like 'Pretty Little Liar's Ezra Fitz, Trust Me

Well, if you were hoping that Pretty Little Liars actors Ian Harding and Lucy Hale were a real-life couple, they aren't. I don't mean to be blunt, but sometimes I wholeheartedly believe in the "rip off the band-aid" method. In March 2015, Harding talked about his girlfriend of four years. Also, if you didn't hear all the rumors of Lucy Hale dating Anthony Kalabretta, well, now you know. Again: the actors who play Aria and Ezra are not together in real life. However, this might make you happy or OK with the situation: Hale's reported new boyfriend is just like Ezra Fitz.

First, here's a bit about Kalabretta and Hale's alleged relationship. In addition to the two being in the spotlight ever since stepping out together in Hawaii, Us Weekly reports they first made an appearance as a couple at a June 18 Dodgers game. A source also told the publication, "They [Hale and Kalabretta] met through mutual friends and bonded over a lot of things — just having fun and their shared love of music. She has a thing for musicians. They celebrated her birthday together with her friends. She’s been happier than I’ve seen her for awhile, enjoying her hiatus from the show.”

Now, they're under the microscope, which is hard to avoid, especially because Hale shares such cute pics of the two on Instagram. I mean, hello, does this photo not scream "We're adorable and we know it!?"

Anyways, after learning more about Kalabretta, I realized that he and Ezra Fitz have quite a lot in common — not including that whole creep factor Ezra exudes at times on PLL . With that said, here are eight ways Kalabretta is just like Ezra.

1. He Knows His Music

As a talented musician, Kalabretta knows music, just like Ezra Fitz, who bonded with Aria over the song "B-26" in the very first PLL episode.

2. He Really Likes Coffee

He and Ezra could totally co-manage Rosewood's The Brew.

3. He Gushes About Lucy

Even though Ezra can be creepy, he does say and do some really sweet things for Aria — at times.

4. He Indulges In Sweets

It might not be Ezra's favorite (aka pie), but Kalabretta clearly loves sweets.

5. He Knows About Quitting

How many jobs has Ezra had?

6. He Has Impeccable Taste In Movies

Home Alone and The Wedding Singer are both 100 percent on the same level of Ezra and Aria's favorite classic films.

7. He's Super Creative

Ezra's a writer. Anthony's a musician. Both have the creative gene.

8. He Likes To Travel

Ezra travels too, especially when it's for research.

There you have it: Lucy is dating the real-life version of her onscreen love interest.