Zara is Stopping Production on Angora Items

After PETA released disturbing footage of rabbits screaming in pain at angora farms last week, Zara has decided to stop production on all angora products.

More than 280,000 people signed the petition started by after watching the secret video filmed by PETA. The petition included the text, "Zara: stop production of your angora products immediately, and save the bunnies!

The horrible footage showed workers violently plucking rabbits' fur. It also showed them living miserably in extremely small, filthy cages. According to PETA, more than 90 percent of angora fur comes from China.

As of last week, Zara still had 60 angora items on sale on their site. But with pressure from petitioners, the major retailer has pulled all angora items from their site in addition to stopping production of angora products.

After deciding to halt production, Zara’s parent company Intidex posted a statement on their website, saying:

Inditex completely agrees with the complaint against the maltreatment of angora rabbits. From its position of Zero Tolerance against cruelty to animals, Inditex obliges its suppliers to follow the recommendations of the different organizations in defense of the animals, to which Inditex keeps constant contact. Besides, the farms must have facilities to guarantee decent life conditions for the animals.

This huge news follows the decision made by fellow giant retailers H&M, Topshop, ASOS and Gap who have also pledged to do the same.