Busy Philipps Understands Picking Outfits Is Hard

Actress Busy Philipps always plays that one girl I wish I was friends with — especially as tough girl Kim Kelly that basically got Lindsay Weir to come out of her shell in Freaks And Geeks. Nothing has changed, it seems — the LOFT x Busy Philipps teamed up for a video collaboration that proves Philipps is one of the funniest and most relatable actresses out there. The 36-year-old actress stars in two comedy shorts that she herself directed and the first one debuted on Thursday.

This little passion project, which Philipps selected writers and producers for, features a cute take on the inevitable changes that come with fall. The first video, which stars her real-life-daughter Birdie, is a montage of Busy and Birdie picking an outfit for her first day of work, much like the process of picking a back-to-school outfit. Except this time, their roles are reversed. Busy is helplessly indecisive about the outfit, and daughter Birdie has her mind set on one of the choices. "I already told you, I think the other one is better," she tells her mom.

Let's be real — we've all been caught up in this situation. Whether it's your first day of kindergarten, high school, or even just the first day of a long-awaited promotion, you want to nail the look. In the end, she may not have made the best outfit choice, but don't worry, there's a happy ending. And of course, the 60-second video is pure hilarity — what else would we expect from the Cougar Town actress?

This collaboration is actually genius. LOFT — which is quickly become one of my go-to brands, seems to be ramping up their workwear, adding edgy details like leather detailing, boxy silhouettes, and leopard and camo print. I'm loving their recent effort to appeal to a different kind of customer: a younger, hip twenty something that wants to look professional, but also wants to have fun with her look. And this mini-series does just that. Plus, it doesn't hurt that her daughter is so damn cute! Also, can we talk about how good Busy looks with those teal tips in her hair?

I can only imagine what the second video has in store. More, we want more! And — by the way — both outfits were adorable. We feel your pain, Busy.