Liz Made The Worst 'BB17' Move Of The Summer

If I had to call the worst move of the summer it would be the moment Liz dropped out of the Big Brother final HoH and handed the victory to Vanessa. I mean, I know in theory she trusted her girl to take her to Final 2, but Liz had literally just seen Vanessa send home her boyfriend home not that long ago, and Austin was Vanessa's Final 2 buddy since like day one. If that didn't prove she couldn't be trusted, I don't know what would. But, for whatever reason, Liz let Vanessa into her head and basically threw the Big Brother game away right then. It was even more frustrating to watch considering that Vanessa's reasoning made next to no sense, and, yet, Liz still listened.

I would have found it incredibly suspect for Vanessa to suddenly pipe up that she can "go for 10 more hours" so Liz needs to drop. If Vanessa had actually been able to do that, she could have just shut up and won the long-term game. But, she suddenly started to very hurriedly tell Liz how strong and solid she was. As a viewer it was a huge red flag, and on Wednesday we learned that Vanessa only started that talk when she realized she had an hour tops left and needed to get in Liz's head. Unfortunately for Liz it totally worked.

Vanessa had some weird explanation for why Liz needed to drop, basically saying Liz would be too tired to play the second part of the HoH if she didn't drop soon. Except, I don't know, they'd already been doing this HoH for multiple hours and Liz would have been tired anyway for part two. Plus, Liz wouldn't have known what kind of comp it would be (it was logic, and she wasn't that good at it. Yeast is not a dairy product, Liz), so it would have made more sense to hang on for the potential sure thing, than to let go in hopes that the part two HoH would be better.

I don't know, I mean, props to Vanessa for talking Liz into throwing the most important HoH comp of the season. I don't know why Liz listened to her, but I do know that it was a game-altering mistake. Once Liz lost part two of the HoH comp she was out and had to hope one of the Final 2 took her. Instead of her fate being in her own hands, she chose to put it in Vanessa's hands, and, as we've all seen this summer: That's a really, really bad move. Fortunately for Liz, Steve chose to take her to the Final 2 with him. But, if he hadn't, she would likely have been kicking herself over that HoH decision for many months to come.

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Image: CBS