Liz Has Sensible Plans For After 'Big Brother'

To be honest, when the season started, I thought that Liz Nolan would be evicted from Big Brother 17 within the first few weeks, mainly because she was a part of the Twin Twist. Liz and her twin sister Julia were switching in and out of the house, pretending to be be one player in an attempt to fool the other houseguests. That didn't go very well and it annoyed plenty of people, but Liz was able to pull through and survive longer than I ever thought she would. Now she is in the final three and has a very good shot at winning the whole season. So this begs the question, what will Liz do with the money if she wins Big Brother ? One thing that seems clear is that she'd split it with Julia in some way. They've said all along that they were playing this game together, and for each other, but what would the twins actually do with their winnings?

On an episode of Big Brother After Dark, Liz said that if she wins, she would like to go to grad school, since she already has a business degree. That would probably be a great move since Liz is already a marketing coordinator and a higher degree can give her access to even more job opportunities.

Liz also said she would use the money to travel — and I wouldn't be surprised if Julia joined her on these trips. I'm sure they're both tired of being cooped up in the Big Brother house all summer, and changing their surroundings or going somewhere new would be a nice change if pace. Though I have to wonder if Liz would bring Austin along...

Liz also stated that she would like to open an online store with her sister Julia, since she is "going to have a following from Big Brother." That is a pretty vague plan from what I saw. What kind of store would it be? Would she have a hand in designing the products? I'm not sure if this is the best idea, but what do I know? Maybe the twins already have a detailed business plan in the works.

It seems like Liz's plans are what you'd expect from someone if they won $500,000: returning to school, traveling, and starting a business. They may not be very exciting, but they show that Liz is taking her post-Big Brother future seriously.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; CBS