Tech Difficulties Almost Derail The 'BB17' Finale

I love live TV for one very big reason: On air screwups. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on where you're sitting), the Big Brother 17 's finale had technical audio problems, and it didn't disappoint in the awkwardness department. After bringing the jury out to ask the Final 2 some important questions, host Julie Chen interrupted Steve's answer not once, but twice, due to some technical issues. Apparently, in the studio, Steve's audio wasn't working and the audience couldn't hear his answer. Julie therefore assumed that those watching at home couldn't hear him either. But, we could, which just made the whole thing even funnier and more awkward.

In the end, the issue was resolved relatively quickly and Steve was able to get his answer out on his third try. Hopefully that was the only time this finale that audio or tech problems will arise, because it would be a bummer to miss out on some important info due to a sound problem. But, it was definitely entertaining the first time around. And, because the issue was fixed fast, it didn't delay the live show too much.

So, even though the tech problems could have derailed the finale it ended up OK after all. Steve's answer was as eloquent as ever, even though he was interrupted twice in the middle of the impassioned speech. And, we all got a nice chuckle out of the deal, so everyone wins. Well, except Liz — hopefully.

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Image: Monty Brinton/CBS