Liz Offers Lame Answers On The 'BB17' Finale

Why did Big Brother even bother having Austin ask Liz a question during the Big Brother 17 finale? Since the two were in a showmance for basically the entire summer, what hard-hitting question could he have possibly asked her during the jury Q&A sesh to help the group determine the winner of Big Brother 17 ? Well, as expected, not much of one, and Liz gave a predictably lame answer to it in return.

When it was Austin's turn to ask one of the houseguests a burning question right before the jury members cast their votes for the winner of Big Brother 17, he gave Liz the softball of why she thinks she deserves to win Big Brother 17 over Steve. You know, that's pretty much the standard question that you would expect to get on any job interview. So you would think that Liz would have prepared a really stellar answer.

Not so, my friends. She basically talked about how she came into the game with a disadvantage by having a twin in the game, a twist she willingly chose to participate in, by the way. Since she made it this far in the game with that huge target on her back, she deserves that $500,000 prize. Oh, and it's for Julia.

So why does Liz think she deserves to win Big Brother 17? Well, other than being born with a twin, I'm not quite sure. Even Julia had a look on her face that said something to the effect of "Wait, what?" after Liz was finished responding.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much Liz's standard response for many of the jury members' questions. The fact that she came into the game with a twin, survived for so long in the game, and won some HoH competitions makes Liz a winner in her eyes. Who needs the jury's approval when you can deem yourself the champion of Big Brother 17, anyway? Boy, what I wouldn't give to live in Liz Land.

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Image: CBS