Clay & Shelli Took A Big Step On The 'BB17' Finale

by Kadeen Griffiths

The Big Brother finale is always a time of blood, sweat, and tears. Blood, because one of the houseguests there systematically slayed their enemies in order to ensure that they would be the one to win that $500,000 prize. Sweat, because all the other houseguests fought as hard as they could and fell on their faces shy of the finish line. Tears because houseguests evicted early and late reunite with each other, with the winner, with the runner-up, and, most importantly, with their family and loved ones. So when Shelli and Clay reunited on Big Brother 17, you were pretty much in one of two states of mind about it: "Ew, I thought I was getting a break from those two," or "Reunited and it feeeeeels so goooood!" Well, don't worry Clelli fans, because it seems that their relationship — romantic or platonic — is still very much alive. In fact, during her finale interview with Jeff, the 33-year-old revealed that Clay met Shelli's parents, and I can't imagine they don't approve of this strapping young lad wooing their daughter.

"On stage, finale night, was the first time I had seen Clay’s face in seven weeks…" Shelli said, and it is at this point that I could hear romantic music swelling in the background and sparkles floating around her hair. "When I saw his face, I knew that he was missing me too. ...Jace and Audrey [and Clay] all went out and met my brother. Apparently, my twin brother and oldest sister are here tonight. After all of this over, I’ll be going to Texas for our date, and meeting Clay’s family."

So, Clelli has gone from not seeing each other in weeks to meeting each other's families. Yeah, I think this showmance is still going strong. Even better for Clelli fans, we know that they're still going on their date after the show, so those were not just empty promises made in the heat of the Big Brother moment. Honestly, I've warmed considerably to this showmance after I got to go over a month without listening to them sob over their tragic romance or smugly act like they rule the house, so it's great to know that they're going to give things a shot outside of the Big Brother house. Certainly, I'm more interested in seeing their relationship succeed than I am in seeing Austin and Liz's relationship succeed.

"But, Kadeen!" You may be saying. "This seems a little one-sided. Just because Shelli says it doesn't make it true. She's the one who has been locked in the Jury House for all this time, while Clay's been out in the world. Who says he's still committed to this?" Clay himself says, actually, and how dare you doubt the power of Clelli. According to his own Big Brother 17 finale interview, when asked how it felt to see Shelli again after all that time, Clay immediately responded, "It was magical! It was good. It’s been two long months, so it was [nice] to see her. See that pretty face." D'aww. You may proceed to melt into a puddle of Clelli-lovin' goo now.

Does Clelli have a real shot at surviving as a couple outside of the house? I'd say they have a better chance of it than Austin and Liz do, at any rate. They have a more realistic outlook on the depth of their relationship, and at least one of them has gotten to spend some time outside of the house and gain some perspective. The fact that they still want to meet each other's families and go on the date they planned is a good start, and, even if the romance aspect doesn't work out for them, I at least feel that they've built a solid friendship that will only grow outside of the house. After such an intense season, that's all that matters.

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Images: CBS