'Empire' Season 2 Is Going To Be Crazier Than Ever

Without a doubt, Empire has to be one of my favorite shows on Fox in recent history. It's deliciously dramatic, full of sass, and also responsible for one of the most iconic female TV characters of the past decade — you know I'm talking about Cookie Lyon. I got into the series a bit late, just after the Season 1 finale, but you'd better believe I binge watched all 10 episodes in about 36 hours. I was immediately hooked, of course, but coping with the summer hiatus was tough. Thankfully, the Empire Season 2 premiere aired this week and it's clear from the off that if we thought things were crazy last season, it's about to get even more insane this time around. I can't wait, to be honest.

Admittedly, all the drama that kicked off during the first episode of Season 2 wasn't at all surprising. When we left the Lyons and Empire last season, Lucious was behind bars for the murder of his old friend Bunkie, Jamal was in charge of Empire, and Cookie was planning a hostile takeover. It wasn't really going to be smooth sailing, was it? However, the premiere took things to a whole new level and set the tone for the craziness that's sure to come later this season.

Here are the wildest moments from the premiere and what that means for the rest of Season 2.

The Whole Opening Sequence

From the moment Cookie ripped off gorilla costume she wore at that big Empire Records concert, it was clear that the Lyon matriarch is back and badder than ever. Basically, expect her to take over Season 3 with

Chris Rock As Frank Gathers & Every Other Celeb Cameo

While I didn't necessarily buy Chris Rock as the intimidating criminal/canibal (?) Frank Gathers, he was a welcome sight on Empire, as was Marisa Tomei, Rev. Al Sharpton, Andre Leon Talley and Don Lemon... the list goes on and on. While many shows can rely a bit too heavily on celebrity appearances, for Empire, it just makes things more exciting. I can't wait for all the other famous faces that will be popping up in Season 2.

Jamal Is Finally Lucious' Son

Jamal was always painted as the sensitive one of the batch, the one that was the most normal and down-to-earth and thoughtful. Not anymore! He's truly transformed into somewhat of an evil mastermind, which is shocking, but also pretty great to watch. If Jamal is playing the role of Lucious outside of prison, it seems like we're in for some serious trouble.

Lucious Is Running Things From Prison

If anyone can run an empire while behind bars (in a cushy prison, no less), it's Lucious Lyon. From managing to get Frank's men to turn against him to screwing up Cookie's deal with Mimi while sitting in his cell, it's clear that he doesn't have to be out of prison to make big moves. Whether or not he'll be convicted in the end is another matter, but I think we can expect Season 2 to include Lucious becoming a prison mastermind.

Anika Is Cookie's Play Toy

My my, how Kitty Boo Boo has fallen. She had to sleep with Mimi because Cookie ordered her to do so in hopes of securing Mimi's $250 million investment (which failed), which was embarrassing, to say the least. I think it's safe to say that we'll find Anika — or is it Anita now? — in some compromising positions later this season.

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