4 Shows Every 'Masters Of Sex' Fans Will Like

It's a pretty exciting time for fans of television right now. There's a lot to choose from and quality, unique storytelling has really been making a comeback. A lot of networks seem to be loosening the reigns a bit and allowing for writers/showrunners to delve into more artistry and important discussions. Showtime's Masters Of Sex is at the top of the pack. Starring the amazingly talented Lizzie Caplan as real life 1950s sex researcher, Virgina Johnson, Masters Of Sex brings us a strong female characters and explores female sexuality in a way that is often glossed over even in contemporary television and movies. That's why it's so important that Masters of Sex returns for Season 4 next year after Sunday's Season 3 finale.

The show delves deep into the science of human sexuality, particularly female sexuality, while brilliantly managing to stay away from becoming too gratuitous in its treatment of sex. It's been a hit from the start with audiences. Luckily, in August 2015, it was announced that Masters Of Sex was definitely renewed for a fourth season. According to Showtime, shooting for season four will begin in early 2016 and we can expect to see it premiere sometime in the summer of 2016, so it seems to be following right along with the other seasons' shooting/release schedules.

But, since Masters Of Sex won't be back until next summer, I have compiled a list of similarly addicting shows that can hold you over in the interim.

1. Game Of Thrones

Looking for something that will leave you in a similar state of anxiety at season's end? Sure, Game Of Thrones has had it's fair share of controversy when it comes to it's portrayal of women. But the show features plenty of strong, ferociously independent ladies to cheer on. Between the Mother of Dragons, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, you can surely find a Virginia stand-in to fall in love with.

2. Orange Is The New Black

This show has it all: Amazing female leads and diverse storytelling, while also being absolutely addicting. There is no shortage of exploration of female sexuality here, friends. And, male characters are few and far between but they make their appearances count by contributing to the female-driven plot. It gets the extra bonus points for its ability to be gobbled up on your own schedule, to your heart's content. Marathon watch away while you wait for next summer.

3. The Affair

The Affair offers up the drama with a unique twist. The story of two married adults who have a intense affair is told by each of the parties separately. Viewers get to hear their separate renditions of the tale unfold and discover where the untruths begin to form in each of their minds. It's fascinating.

4. The Good Wife

This political drama flips the idea of the stereotypical politician's wife on its head. Julianna Margulies stars as the wife of a corrupt/unfaithful politician who ends up in jail. After shedding the role of the passive political spouse, Margulies returns to her former career as a lawyer and provides for her family while stepping into her own, away from her husband. The Good Wife is overflowing with strong female characters and immensely powerful storytelling.

It's sad that our TVs will be without Masters of Sex for several months, but at least one of these shows can help fill the void!

Images: Liz Von Hoene/SHOWTIME; Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME; Helen Sloan/HBO; JoJo Whilden/Netflix; Steven Lippman/SHOWTIME; Justin Stephens/CBS