Efron's Broken Jaw The Result Of Sex?

by Alanna Bennett

News spread a while back that Zac Efron slipped in a puddle and broke his jaw. Poor dude! Well, now his co-stars in upcoming romantic brocomedy That Awkward Moment are riffing on what may have been the real cause of Efron's broken jaw. AKA sex. AKA there is no getting that image out of your head.

We've revelled in the raunchy comedy stylings of the That Awkward Moment trailer before, and as the movie inches towards its Jan. 31 release date the film's three leads — Efron, Michael B. Jordan (hnnggg), and Miles Teller — are hanging around each other more and more for public consumption.

This time around it was a video promoting the movie, in which Jordan (hnnnng — sorry, involuntary noise that comes whenever we say his name) and Teller tell the audience the story of Efron's sexventures and how they culminated in injury.

"So Zac was at home with a girl," Teller begins, and he and Jordan volley off each other, regaling us with the story of how he gave this girl "the worst sexual experience of her life." In fact, according to Teller and Jordan, the girl was so disappointed with his "early finish" that she took a "heavy book [and] slammed it right into your beautiful face."

The best part of the accompanying video — which is unembeddable but which you can watch here — is Efron's bitchface throughout the entire thing. And when Jordan (hnnnng) strokes Efron's face, because, reasons.