9 Ways To Feel Comfortable And Stylish

by Toria Sheffield

If you're like me, some days you just wish you could wear pajamas to work, and if it weren't for the little fact that you'd probably get fired, you just might. However, the good news is there are actually plenty of ways to make clothes more comfortable and stylish out there for those days when you just can't stomach the idea of sitting at a desk in a constricting waistband or uncomfortable shoes.

New York City personal stylist and image expert Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt said on her website, Alexandra Stylist, that one of the things she hears over and over again from her clients is, "I want to be comfortable," and noted that, "We all want to be comfortable, to move, stretch, and possibly feel as if we could dance in our outfits," which is why she says so many fashion companies seem to be missing the mark on what women want. The majority of women want to "bridge the gap of being comfortable but not feeling schlumpy," she said.

If this is sounding relatable, it's because you're definitely not alone in your search for comfortable yet stylish outfits. We're right there with you! And if you're looking for quick and easy ways to remedy the problem, here are 10 ways to make your outfits more comfortable instantly.

1. Forget Size and Focus On Fit

In a webinar on her website, Greenawalt stressed that women shouldn't think about their clothes in terms of size, but rather in terms of how they feel on. "There is no size standardization — you could buy a four at one store, and a size eight at another," she said. "You have to throw out the idea of 'I'm gonna be this number,' and just completely focus on how it fits."

2. Embrace Flats and Stylish Sneakers

Van's Womens Hightop Sneaker, $65, Macys

Gone are the days when high heels were the only stylish footwear option, so there is absolutely no reason to suffer through a day or night of wearing heels if that's not your thing. Charles Manning, Style Editor for Cosmopolitan, said, "Flats, sneakers, and low chunky heels are totally chic. Day or night. Work or weekend. You don't need to wear a stiletto to look good and you don't need them sitting in your closet mocking you either."

3. Get Some Shoe Insoles

Dr. Scholls Dreamwalk Heel Liners, $5, Target

If you do want to wear heels, the good news is there are actually ways you can make them more comfortable. The American Osteopathic Association recommended using shoe insoles to provide more shock absorption as you walk, as well as to provide a little more cushioning for the balls of your feet; a good insole can make a typically uncomfortable heel a lot more bearable.

4. Banish Buttons, Hooks, and Snaps

Manning also recommended banishing any items in your wardrobe that require elaborate finagling to get off or on. Make, "easy on, easy off," your new fashion mantra, he said. "If you can't pull it on and off in under three seconds, you're not going to want to wear it. With all the great drawstring pants and shorts, trapeze dresses, and stretchy fabrics on the market these days, you never have to."

5. Show Some Skin While Wearing Looser Fitting Pieces

Harem Pants in Jersey, $26, ASOS

Baggy or loose-fitting items don't have to be reserved for lazy weekends. Manning said that wearing something looser, but showing a little skin at the sametime can look just as uniquely sexy as something tight from head to toe. "If you have a big top, wear something short on the bottom. And if you're wearing something loose on the bottom, pair it with something that shows off your arms, chest, shoulders, or back," he says.

6. Elastic Is Your Friend

Foulard Print Pants $44, Nordstrom

You've probably been conditioned to think that elastic waistbands are never going to look as chic as a traditional zipper or button, but Greenawalt emphasized that elastic is not only comfortable, but can actually create a great silhouette overall. She also notes that something like jeggings are actually more versatile than jeans, as they can often be worn with a wider variety of tops.

7. Trouser It Up

High Rise Wide Leg Trousers, $118, Nordstrom

We're currently in a trouser renaissance, which is kind of amazing for staying comfortable. Style Director Nicole Kliest at WhoWhatWear recommended wearing a trendy slouchy pant or sweat pant with a structured blazer or "it girl" jacket, and cool sneakers; you'll be both comfy and on trend.

8. Invest In Wrap Dresses

Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Wrap Dressm $76, Macys

Greenawalt strongly recommends investing in wrap dresses, as they are super comfortable and also super easy to accessorize. And in the same vein, Manning recommended investing in shift dresses, as, "It looks sleek and tailored without actually being restrictive," and, "It's easy to dress up with jewelry and accessories when you feel like it."

9. Be True To Your Style Identity

Greenwalt said that if you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing, even if it technically fits well, then it is not a comfortable outfit. She recommended making sure you feel good in the energy and vibe of the outfit, and if it just doesn't feel like you, then don't try to force yourself to like it.

In today's age of super diverse fashion options, there is never a need to feel like you have to sacrifice comfort for looking put together — whether at work or a night out on the town. There are a ton of chic yet comfy options to choose from if you just know what to look for!

Images: Courtesy Brands; Giphy (3); Pexels