Last Season, On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is consistently one of the funniest shows on television. Critics and fans alike love it, and, most importantly, it survived the sophomore slump — you know, that dreaded cloud that hangs over a great show’s second season. Will it get better (like The Mindy Project)? Will it get worse (like New Girl)? Right at the precipice before Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s third season premieres, it's important to look back at where it was last season — what happened in Season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ?

Of course, there were plenty of gags, jokes, and bad behaviors, mostly by Detective Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg), but Season 2 offered a lot of season-long arcs that Season 1 just didn’t have. While Season 1 was a show finding out what works, Season 2 was a show that reaped the benefits and finally figured out where it wanted to go. My favorite long-term arc last season was the dance between Captain Holt and his nemesis, Madeleine Wuntch, who, at the end of the season, had bested him into receiving a promotion and being transferred out of the Nine-Nine. Yes, Brooklyn’s favorite precinct is no longer the home of Andre Braugher’s perfect Captain Holt. I can’t imagine he’ll be gone long, though. For my sake. Please, writers.

Anyway, let’s see what else happened last season on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Loves

Obviously, everyone’s OTP is Amy and Jake. Thankfully, the writers of the show clearly thought it appropriate to keep them apart as long as possible, which is good. Because once Lois and Clark Kent get together, it sucks. The “will-they-or-won’t-they” is the whole reason to watch. Amy dated Teddy, a boring fellow cop, and Jake dated Sophia, aka Eva Longoria playing a New York City District Attorney. Both relationships fizzled by the end of the season, and Jake and Amy shared a big ol' smooch. Woo! Also, Gina and Boyle were hooking up (shamefully) for a while, and Rosa is dating Holt’s nephew, Marcus, played by Nick Cannon.

The Jobs

At the beginning of Season 2, Jake came back from undercover but then went back undercover when one of the mobsters he needed behind bars escaped. Rosa got her own task force together to fight a new drug called Giggle Pig, and Holt battled not to get promoted, until he did get promoted, and had to leave the squad. Though Bill Hader is filling in as captain for now, I’m hoping Holt will be back soon. Also, Gina went back to school! Yay for bettering yourself.

The Laughs

God, how could I possibly pick my favorite jokes and gags of Season 2? I shall try anyway: the puppets and dolls in all of the rooms of the bed and breakfast in “The Road Trip”; Jake stealing Holt’s watch in “Halloween II”; Gina trying to find “six-drink Amy” in “Beach House”; Rosa, Amy, and Gina going to Captain Holt’s for dinner in “AC/DC.” That’s just to start. And I'm done. Choosing a favorite joke is really like choosing a child. Don't make me do it.

And with that, you should be ready for Season 3 right about now.

Images: Erica Parise/FOX; Giphy (3)