'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Cast Shares Emoji Spoilers

Fans of the FOX comedy should be relieved that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was renewed for Season 3 way back in January, because the Season 2 finale left a lot up in the air. From Captain Holt leaving the precinct to work in the NYPD's public relations office — and Gina going with him — to Jake and Amy's kiss to the identity of the new captain, we were left with tons of questions for next season to answer. While they can't reveal too much outright, at the ATX Television Festival the series' creator Dan Goor and stars Chelsea Peretti and Melissa Fumero are able to share some Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 spoilers with me, just in emoji form.

Just as you'd expect from the woman who plays the constantly texting Gina, Peretti takes the lead with the emojis, scrolling through her options and helping Goor and Fumero choose the best images to describe Season 3. Earlier at the ATX Brooklyn Nine-Nine panel, Peretti revealed that she actualy swapped out Gina's prop iPhone for her own real-life phone, so when you see the character typing away, it's actually the actor, chatting with friends. As all fans know, Gina texts a lot and sometimes even speaks in emoji, so Peretti's had more than enough time to get familiar with her options. Here's what she selected with Fumero and Goor to tease what we can expect when Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to FOX this fall.

So, what spoilers can be uncoded from these cryptic clues?

Gina vs. Wuntch?

The nail-painting emoji just screams Gina to me, and as Peretti types, she says that the devil represents Deputy Chief Wuntch. Could that combined with the angry face emoji mean that Gina will butt heads with Holt's ultimate nemesis? Maybe she'll be the one to realize that Wuntch orchestrated Holt's promotion and figure out a way to fix it. Or the following tongue-sticking-out emoji could mean that Gina will just mock Wuntch until she gives up.

The 99 vs. Animals?

Next came a string of cop emojis, which must represent the officers from the 99 — though as Peretti points out, where's the female cop emoji? They're followed by a variety of animals, so what could this possibly mean? Is there going to be a crime they have to solve at the Bronx Zoo? Do the rats mean someone is going to rat someone else out, as Goor suggests when he sees the images? The lightning emojis separating these from some bugs are also an interesting choice. Maybe Harry Potter will get some shout-outs next season — I have a feeling Boyle is a Potterhead.


We all know what the eggplant emoji means — well, except for Goor, who is confused when Peretti and Fumero remark on its sexual implications, leading them to laugh and explain it to him as they recall a line from the show that actually referenced it. But could those four eggplants mean that Amy and Jake's kiss will lead to something more? Or will it be someone else who gets a little action — maybe a new guy for Gina?

Pizza Party

Pizza followed by some celebratory emojis? That has to mean Boyle is finally going to throw the pizza party of his dreams. Or maybe his food blog will finally take off. Either way, I think there are good things ahead for the self-acclaimed foodie.

More Action

That final sequence of sirens and helicopters has to mean more crime-fighting action for our favorite cops. We've seen them make plenty of big busts before, but none have required the use of a helicopter yet. Maybe Season 3 will finally let Jake live out his Die Hard fantasies as the whole precinct takes down a high-profile bad guy and... flushes him down a toilet?

I think we'll have to wait until Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns before even attempting to decipher that final clue.

Images: Erica Parise/FOX; Samantha Rullo/Bustle; Giphy (5)