Kylie Jenner Got A Barbie Inspired Mani

by Julia Guerra

Just when you think the Kardashian-Jenner clan couldn’t possibly have any additional wow factors up their sleeve, they show us their claws. Kylie Jenner got a Barbie-inspired manicure Wednesday, which she didn't hesitate to Instagram, courtesy of Britney Tokyo who visited the reality star’s Calabasa mansion to doll her up for a birthday party. I guess I never took the youngest Jenner for a Barbie girl but if we consider how put together her outfits are and on-point eyeliner application, I can sort of see the connection. Though, to be frank, we are living in a Barbie world, now more than ever.

America’s iconic doll has made quite the comeback this year. She can now has adjustable ankles and comes in a wide range of ethnicities and with varied physical traits. British designer Sophia Webster even launched a Barbie shoe collection to honor the doll’s progressive changes. Barbie nail art was bound to be next.

While this would not be my manicure of choice (I usually opt for a French mani because I’m #basic), it’s very, well, Kylie. Even if you had no idea what this Jenner sister was about, by taking one glance at this photograph and acknowledged the bling-tastic jewels, it’s self explanatory that she’s got a knack for flashy glam. Barbie house, barbie nails — I guess it all comes together.

Though it's not often that we see this Jenner flaunting over the top manis (her all too perfect lips and street style speak for themselves), this definitely tops her greatest attempts. Check out below 15 more of Jenner's best manicures, and I'll let you decide which is your all time fave.

1. Matching Manis

You know how it goes. If you're doing it right, a girls night calls for pampering and beauty business, and I am loving this amethyst shade on Jenner.

2. Pretty In Pink

Only logical to paint her nails a blush to match this Givenchy clutch.

3. Mermaid Manicure

To match mermaid locks, obv.

4. Jewels & Pearls

It's all in the details.

5. Silver Nails & Pizza Ends

Because pepperoni is as fierce as polish.

6. All Gold Everything

Minus the remote, but holy moly do those tips shine.

7. Dazzle For Dinner

This might be my all time favorite mani of the youngest Jenner because it's not an obscenely out there color, and the design is simple yet elegant.

8. Rebels

...wear black nail polish and co-write novels.

9. Red Lips & Rock Star Nails

This girl's beauty is a performance everyone wants a ticket to.

10. Artistic

This embodies every photo lifestyle bloggers strive to achieve, complete with chop sticks and coal colored nails.

11. Eye Candy

I'm actually positive that looking down at my hands with this mani would give me the heebie jeebies.

12. Friends & Fine Tips

The friends that nail art together, stick together.

13. Black & White

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of dark polish and intricate white design.

14. Hot Tea, Red Tips

We haven't seen Jenner sporting red nails lately. It's autumn, time to bring that back.

15. The Multiple Man

Obsessed with this look. I have full respect for anyone who can sit and draw a different design per nail.

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