Hillary Clinton's Dazzling New Video Stars Uzo Aduba, Lena Dunham, & More Coming Together For A Cause We Can All Get Behind


An inspiring new video from the Hillary Clinton campaign, called "Join Women For Hillary," features female celebrities and other amazing women all saying "It's time." Uzo Aduba, Lena Dunham, Billie Jean King and women from around the country are included in the video, which boasts an incredible monologue made from many of their voices melded together. The video begins with a child's voice, and then changes with each clip of all the women fighting for something they deeply believe in:

It's an uplifting call to action to think about the way women live their lives, and it's something all women can relate to. Featured in the video are not only inspiring celebrities, but also nurses, mothers and daughters, couples, figure skaters, boxers, violinists, etc. It gets across the message that women come together from all walks of life to unite under one specific idea: That it's time that women feel like America is their country.

Hillary Clinton on YouTube

Clinton's video also contains clever quotes which immediately make the viewer think not only about themselves and their loved ones, but also about the connotations these ideas hold in relation to Clinton — like a well-placed reference to the glass ceiling. It continues:

At minimum, the video might encourage women to think about voting for Clinton. At most, it'll help her win. But what will happen, no matter what, is that women who watch this video will think about themselves and the other women in their lives — what they want from their own lives, and what they want for others. They'll think about how strong they are, how strong they've had to be. What more can you ask for?