Megan Abbott Tweeted Her New Novel At Last!

The wait is nearing an end: Megan Abbott has tweeted her new novel and it already looks fantastic. OK, so all the picture shows is the title ( You Will Know Me ) and release date (July 2016), both of which we already knew — but we can see it’s printed on actual paper (meaning it’s on its way!), and the light makes it look all ominous, and also her fingernails look great. All we know so far about Abbott’s latest is that it revolves around a child prodigy, and a bad thing that happens to the family. Intriguing!

Megan Abbott superfans are already freaking out on Twitter, and those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to this magnificent author: you have nine months to get hyped. In case you need a quick lesson, Megan Abbott writes crime novels for a female audience. She understands the complications of female friendships — from their intimacies to their betrayals — and weaves this ever-changing dynamic effortlessly into eerie and action-packed plots. Her female characters are far from one-dimensional; on her pages you’ll find women that dismantle the “cool girl” trope every bit as effectively as Amazing Amy. The feminist thriller has really come into its own over the last few years, spurred by books from Gone Girl to Girl on the Train, and Megan Abbott’s page-turners give us more of exactly what we’re craving.

So that’s why Abbott’s fans are already so psyched about this new release, and why you should pretty much be refreshing your Amazon page in between now and July 2016, so you’re ready to pre-order Abbott’s You Will Know Me the second that option is available.

Image: thedarkestbooks/Instagram