This Legless Model Has Sick Skateboarding Skills

When it comes to body confidence, it seems that the people who have the biggest reasons to be bitter about what they've been given are simply the most accepting and inspiring of us all. This is the case with legless lingerie model Kanya Sesser. She may have been born without two major body parts, but she's got enough determination, drive, and heart to make up for it, and then some.

The 23-year-old California native hasn't let her disability slow her down in life. She counts skating, snowboarding, surfing, and racing among her hobbies (and probably kills it at all of them, too.) Not to mention her mad skills in front of a camera: Sesser can work a bikini like any model would, if not better.

"I've always had body confidence, pretty much throughout my whole life," she says. And when people stare? She brushes it off: "OK, cool, I'm a celebrity!"

"Society's got nothing on us, it's just how you feel," she continues. "Be confident. Life's still going, life is valuable. And we have this one moment, one life." Her motto? "No legs, no limits." Seriously, you've got to see for yourself — mid-week motivation, anyone?

To listen to Kanya's inspiring words of advice, watch the entire video below.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing this girl can't do. Check out her surfing...

And skating...

And riding an ATV...

And using a treadmill...

And doing a handstand. Um, I certainly can't do this:

Seriously, how cool is this girl?

Images: Courtesy of Star Sargenti/Caters News; kanyasesser/Instagram