Jon Stewart Dances To Drake For A Good Cause

Jon Stewart: comedian, political satirist, wrestling aficionado, and lover of dancing and Drizzy Drake. And, of course, he likes helping out a good cause, too. The former host of The Daily Show participated in Ellen's Just Keep Dancing campaign in response to a challenge from pro-wrestler Triple H. The WWE tweeted a video of Jon Stewart accepting the challenge to #JustKeepDancing in order to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, but Stewart barely gets through a few cornball moves to Drake's "Started From The Bottom" where a fiery little kid (his son) comes out and knocks him over with a chair, and then busts out a few dance moves himself. The 52-year-old not only took the challenge and completed it honorably, but he could bring a new level awareness to the campaign.

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and her husband pro-wrestler Triple H (real name Paul Michael Levesque) co-founded Connor's Cure, the pediatric charity that Stewart's dancing for in the clip in his sweatpants, beard full, chillin' with no makeup on glory. And Ellen DeGeneres started the #JustKeepDancing campaign to raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research and cures back in June, after she was inspired by a very brave little dude named Braylon Beam. Beam, who is only 6-year-old, suffers from a brain tumor, but when he and his parents appeared as guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he revealed he had a secret to getting through the chemotherapy: the power of dance.

DeGeneres, who loves kids and Ioves dancing, took the opportunity to start the #JustKeepDancing social media campaign (you can upload your own videos on Ellen Tube). Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, hopefully Stewart's participation will help the campaign spread to more and more celebrities who will lend their vocal and choreographic support. It's a worthy and urgent cause, and hopefully the #JustKeepDancing campaign can reach a level of success similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. After it went viral last summer, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $41 million for the ALS Association to support research into the disease. Tons of tons of celebrities participated in the challenge — along with more than 2.5 million people on Facebook. Barack Obama declined Justin Bieber's challenge to pour freezing water over his head (he donated money of course), so time will tell if he turns a dance down.

Stephanie McMahon accepted and completed Stewart's challenge, posting her own #JustKeepDancing video on her Twitter account. DeGeneres, by the way, loves the WWE and Stewart's moves for participating in the campaign. No word on what Drake thinks, but I'm sure if he's seen it, he loves it too.