7 Liztin Quotes Show They're Doomed After 'BB17'

Wednesday night's Big Brother 17 finale crowned Steve Moses as the grand prize winner, and by taking Liz to the final two with him, he made her $50,000 richer. Although most BB fans knew that both Vanessa and Steve would surely take her to the end, Liz did not see it coming, and her shock was quite endearing. Less endearing, perhaps, was Liz's reunion with Austin on Big Brother . Although they were only apart for about a week, they were clearly excited to be in each other's arms again, confirming that Liz really did seem to develop feelings for Austin over the last several weeks. But even with real feelings involved, the future doesn't look so bright for Liztin.

It's probably unfair to compare Liztin to Clelli, but it's hard not to, and Clay and Shelli's take on their relationship seems far more promising than Austin and Liz's plan. While Shelli and Clay have their first date solidified and a strong foundation coming along, Liz and Austin know absolutely nothing about where they're headed. Considering they're already starting on shaky ground, that can't possibly bode well for them.

To review, there are two things working against Liztin: distance and the whole Austin's ex-girlfriend issue. Here are seven quotes from their post-finale live feed interviews that show us Liztin's future outside the BB house is questionable, at best.

Austin Is Still Hung Up On Jeff

Considering the fact that Austin is the one who came into the relationship with a girlfriend, he sure is hung up on another houseguest, who Liz never even dated. When Jeff Schroeder asked Austin what the future holds for him and Liz, he said:

Hopefully very lovely things. I’m looking forward to finally having some alone time without Jeff on his computer watching us all night.

Uh... Awkward.

Austin's Weird Definition Of Beauty

We’re two cold, scared, alone people that come together, it’s beautiful.

WTF? I'm not even sure what's happening here, but I can assure you that "beautiful" is not the word I would use. It's just not normal to describe a new relationship in this way.

Who Needs Future Plans?

I'm not sure if finale night snuck up on them or what, but neither Liz nor Austin has any idea what happens next. The only thing Austin seemed certain of was needing to "spend some time with Liz alone."

Liz, meanwhile, seemed certain of nothing. Her exact response was, "Who knows what’s going to happen with us," and it's one she repeated more than once.

The Ponytail Beard Is Still An Issue... Maybe?

Liz doesn't even seem clear on the ponytail beard. First, she says, "We are going to make it work, ponytail beard and all!" Moments later, however, she changes her tune:

Mark my words, I am going to have pleasure in cutting it off.

Which is it, Liz?

Liz Is Wishy Washy In General

It's not just the ponytail beard that Liz can't make up her mind about. She also made two drastically different statements about her future with Austin:

We don’t have a plan at all … The real world is really big and scary.
He’s a keeper.

I'm not sure what's in store for Austin and Liz outside of Big Brother, and clearly they don't know either, but I'm more intrigued than ever to find out.

Image: CBS