What's Next For Clay & Shelli After 'Big Brother'?

There were a lot of moments to love during the Big Brother 17 finale. Some of the best of the night include Steve pulling out that final HOH win, Liz's reaction to Steve taking her to the final two, and Austin's shock at hearing the top three contenders for America's Favorite Houseguest. Of course, for all the Clelli fans, nothing could top the reunion of BB17 showmance Clay and Shelli. A lot of fans are wondering what's in store for the pair now that they're back in the real world without cameras and microphones to be mindful of.

Over the years, BB has seen its fair share of showmances, and while some fizzle out fast, there are the darling couples like Jeff and Jordan with serious lasting power. But if you're one of the people hoping that the next major Big Brother couple formed this season, rest assured, because if their post-finale live feed interviews are any indication, Shelli and Clay are in it for the long haul.

Meeting The Fam

I'll be going to Texas for our date and getting to meet Clay's family.

Clay already met Shelli's brother and posted the proof on Instagram. Additionally, her siblings were at finale night, so it's safe to assume he met the others as well. According to this finale night quote, Shelli is already gearing up to meet Clay's family, so things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Love At First (In A While) Sight

Both Clay and Shelli were excited to see each other again for the first time in nearly two months. Clay admitted it was magical and that he had butterflies, and Shelli could not contain her excitement, saying, "I just got to see Clay for the first time and y'all I am dying. Jeff, my heart is happy."

First Date Plans

I did promise her a date, she'll come to Texas for that. I have a few plans for her; I think it should be a good time.

While Shelli was sitting in the Jury House missing Clay, he was busy planning their first date. He's had weeks to prepare, so let's hope it's a good one!

Cute Couple Time

Clay and I did say that we would wait to watch [Big Brother 17] with each other.

Clay and Shelli have more than just their first date planned, they are also jumping right into cute couple activities like marathoning BB17. They're just like any other American couple, y'all!

Clelli's Future

Clay: There's not a lot of expectations. We said we'll take it day by day.
Shelli: Amazing Race would be a pretty cool date. We would love to do that!

Beyond their first date and a BB17 marathon, Shelli and Clay don't yet have much planned. Clay admitted that they agreed to take it one day at a time, but Shelli did tell Jeff she'd love to compete in The Amazing Race with her boo. While in the house, the pair talked about how much they'd love to travel the world together, so this may not be the last we'll see of Clelli on our TV screens.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS