Taylor Swift's Next Album Won't Sound Like Past Albums, So What Will it Sound Like?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift talked Christmas, her new single for the movie One Chance, and being friends with Lena Dunham (Is literally everyone in Hollywood friends with Lena Dunham? Dear lord that girl is social), also revealing her album-making process and winning our hearts just a little bit more. However, what was most interesting was Taylor Swift's statement that each album has a "new sound," and that she'll take a year or so to move past her previous album and towards the next. She admits that her albums do revolve around a "confessional storyline", but still, what would we do with ourselves if T.Swift was to come out with a really experimental album, or a punk album, or a folk album?

Many critics often berate Swift for her consistent light-hearted teen pop sound, but could we genuinely handle a darker or more offbeat Taylor Swift? I'm not so sure. She's made her name on being G-rated, sweet, terrifyingly hard working, and very photogenic in a "Ralph Lauren summer catalogue" kinda way. She talks about changing her sound every album, and although I really wouldn't say I agree with that, I do think that it is her consistency that has made her such a hit. So you have to imagine that, were she to branch off in some other direction musically, we might possibly all have heart attacks and fall over flopping in shock and disappointment.

So, based on how very Taylor Swift T.Swift's life is, I want to predict all the directions her latest album will not be going in. If, as she says (and we already know), her songs revolve around a sense of what her life is, then we can safely rule out Swedish death metal, and here's to assuming that a reggaeton album is also unlikely. Let the sleuthing begin.

We can safely assume that T. Swift will not be leaning towards the J-pop or K-pop genres, if only because it would be too unspeakably awesome to see an album's worth of Fin.K.L-style videos based on things that happened in Swift's life. However, considering that Swift has toured the world and continued living her regular, adorable life, we can assume she won't be making a Korean-girl-group-based departure from her regular style. That is, unless Lorde, Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez sign on...

Additionally, despite the overwhelming popularity of trance, given that I'm not sure Taylor Swift has ever even been inside a club, we can also assume she won't be teaming up with Calvin Harris to give us the latest club banger to drunkenly sway to in 2014. What a shame too, since as cute as T.Swift looks in floral prints and sweaters, something tells me she'd look equally fierce in metallics and UV body paint. Besides, I have this super creepy theory that her children with Diplo would look seriously flawless, so if that combination only happens in my dreams, well, it'll be our loss.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Taylor Swift's haircut was made for headbanging, she won't be making a metal album of any sort this year, since there's really only so much room for ex-boyfriends and happy strum-y guitar solos in metal. Something just tells me "22" really wouldn't have had the same feel were it made in the style of Pantera. Please though, let us pause for a second and imagine the look of an album cover that somehow combined the girlyness of T.Swift and the hardcore metal-and-dying-flowers look of metal cover art. I'm undone.

We could play this game all day (and how fun would that be?) but we all know Taylor Swift's next album will be straight up pop with a touch of country, and ya know what, we wouldn't want it any other way. That is, unless the whole K-pop Lorde/Selena Gomez/Lena Dunham thing is an actual possibility, in whic case: Bye bye country TayTay, HELLO MATCHING OUTFITS AND COORDINATED DANCE MOVES.

Image: Tumblr