Briana's Baby Bump Makes Louis' Baby Really Real

There was a solid three-week timespan in which One Direction fans could actively be in denial about Louis Tomlinson's baby: Close to an entire month had passed in between the time the shocking baby news broke and Tomlinson confirming that he is going to be a dad. (Of course, both Simon Cowell and Liam Payne confirmed things before Tomlinson did, but it was the "No Control" singer's statement that made things officially official.) And even though the boy bander's response made the baby a Totally Legit Thing That Is Really Going To Happen, Briana Jungwirth debuting her baby bump at 1D's London show on Thursday night (Sept. 24) is clear visual proof that Louis Tomlinson is going to be a father. And fans, of course, are breaking down.

As to be expected, One Direction stans reacted to The Bump Seen Around The World with predictably shocked/horrified/is-this-really-happening-oh-my-god-it-is-really-happening responses. Even though some fans still try to deny the whole thing (#Larry), for most, seeing an admittedly blurry photo of Jungwirth's baby bump made news of Tomlinson's impending fatherhood really sink in. There really is no going back now, guys.

And though the fan reactions ranged from immediate denial to sadness to happiness to OMG IT JUST HIT ME, I can honestly see where they're all coming from. It's one thing for People to report the news; it's one thing for Louis Tomlinson to confirm it; but it's a whole other beast when you can actually see evidence that it's happening. And as someone who was once convinced she was going to marry Taylor Hanson, I can relate to how hard it is when you see your ~dream guy~ having a baby with someone who isn't teenage you.

Yeah, that sounds insanely soap opera-y and mega creepy, but what I mean is that even if you have absolutely no chance with the dude, he's been someone you've admired and crushed on and obsessed over for years. And, in this case, seeing literal proof of Jungwirth's baby is like the big ol' hand of reality slapping you in the face. It's a tough pill to swallow! When you combine that with the fact Friday, Sept. 25 marks six months since Zayn Malik quit the band and these London One Direction shows are the group's final concerts before they go on hiatus — well, to quote Shawn Mendes, "sometimes, it all gets a little too much."

It's happening, guys.