Liam Payne Confirms Louis Tomlinson Baby News, But Where's Louis' Statement?

Sorry, One Direction fans. If you were one of the last ones holding out the tiniest shred of hope that the Louis Tomlinson baby daddy gossip isn't true, you are not going to be happy with this next sentence: Liam Payne just confirmed that Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad. This, of course, means that the news is officially official, almost as official as if Tomlinson confirmed the news himself. But instead of going all Maury on him ("YOU ARE THE FATHER!"), Payne was super positive about the situation, even though he admitted he was "a bit shocked" at first. Oh, Liam Payne. You are us all.

Speaking to Magic Radio, the 1D singer had this to say about Louis Tomlinson's daddy status: "Well I was quite, obviously, a bit shocked, but he's taken super well to it. And he's very excited about what's going on with him at the moment. Sometimes stuff happens like that, not to [treat] it like it's a small deal ... He's taking it very seriously. It's all good." And even though the idea of a "little 1Der" is "quite a crazy thought," as he puts it, Liam Payne knows it'll all work out just fine. And, just in case you're wondering, he called Louis Tomlinson's baby mama and "close friend" Briana Jungwirth "a lovely girl." So diplomatic.

Considering both Liam Payne and Simon Cowell have confirmed the sitch, this kind of begs the question: Why hasn't Louis Tomlinson spoken out about his baby news yet? ONE DIRECTION FANS NEED TO KNOW.

Once upon a time, I predicted the various ways Tomlinson could confirm the news of his impending fatherhood. This was approximately four days after the news broke, and fans, the media, and literally everyone in the entire world was waiting with baited breath for the One Direction singer to say something — ANYTHING — about the reports that he was going to be a father. Sure, Tomlinson's first tweet spoke volumes, but it didn't even come close to the statements later made by Simon Cowell and Liam Payne (and I totally called that they would weigh in with their opinions *hair flip emoji*). Why, Louis Tomlinson, whyyyy?

Since the news broke approximately three weeks ago, the One Direction singer and soon-to-be father has performed multiple shows with the group, dropped a new 1D single ("Drag Me Down" is my jam), and has tweeted about everything from the Doncaster Rovers to 1D's five year anniversary. Nary a mention of anything relating to the baby, instead letting the big 1D boss Simon Cowell and his bandmate Liam Payne do all the talking. Though I assume/predict/hope that Tomlinson will eventually make a statement concerning the baby (even if it's literally just his rep confirming that he became a father when the baby is born), maybe he's doing the smart thing now by laying low and letting other people field those questions for him.

It's obvious that the news was pretty surprising for all parties involved, so no doubt it'll take Tomlinson a little time to get used to the idea that he is going to be a father. He probably needs some serious time to collect his thoughts about the whole thing, and who can blame him for wanting to let it all sink in before making a very public statement about his future child? With the baby on the way, maybe he just wants to keep his personal life private — no one can fault him for that. And though everyone is still waiting for the day we hear the news straight from the horse's mouth (um, the horse being LT in this case), let's all be grateful we still have plenty of details flowin' from the mouths of Liam Payne and Simon Cowell, who will probably keep us all up-to-date on any important news regarding the baby. Phew.

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