Louis Tomlinson Finally Speaks Up

by Daniela Cabrera

As far as One Direction fans go, July 14 was not merely Bastille Day. No, no, there were more important things to be discussed on this fateful day, which some publications have already dubbed "One Conception."(Pardon me while I cackle out loud at the brilliance.) It was the day Louis Tomlinson was reported to be expecting a baby with his American stylist friend, Briana Jungwirth. And now, on Aug. 4 (almost an entire month later), Louis Tomlinson has responded to the baby news himself and he's, well, pretty excited.

After One Direction's special summer concert on Good Morning America, Michael Strahan took a moment to ask the question everyone had been wondering for almost a month: "Louis, from one father to another I want to congratulate you on your upcoming fatherhood. So how are you feeling?"

Tomlinson replied calmly and cheerfully as fans cooed in the background: "Thank you. Obviously it's a very exciting time. So thank you."

OK, so he didn't super thrilled to be put on the spot about becoming a dad, but he did break out that signature sheepish grin, so that's always a good sign, right? And this seems to be the biggest confirmation we will get, aside from the day we finally see Louis holding a bouncing bundle of joy. So enjoy this moment, Directioners!

Once the news was out, many questions were immediately asked: Who is Briana Jungwirth and is she his girlfriend? (Not exactly.) What does Harry think? (Well, I am sure he is happy.) Why? (That's for another post...) But the most important question was whether Tomlinson was going to comment on the news, and whether it was, in fact, true.

Since the announcement of the news, reported to People magazine by an "exclusive source," the Internet has been thrown into a tizzy and clamoring for any facts and confirmation of this impending news, because the first One Direction baby is kind of a big deal. Just like pretty much any news that comes out about 1D, the fans lost their cool and started demanding answers. The rabid Directions created a plethora of bizarre hashtags on Twitter, attempted to stalk Jungwirth on social media, and came up with theories as to why the pregnancy news is fake. But, finally, Tomlinson has spoken out and fans can rest easy, knowing he's enjoying his newfound role. And that he is, in fact, in a newfound role.