'Pretty Little Liars' Quotes For Every Occasion

If you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars, it's hard not to get wrapped up in the show. Not only are the ever-changing plotlines super intense, but the characters are very relatable. While Hanna Marin understands back-to-school woes, Aria Montgomery understands your fashion struggles. Considering everything the five Liars have gone through, it's reasonable that they have some words of wisdom we should all adopt in our daily lives.

This wisdom often re-surfaces thanks to fans live-tweeting Pretty Little Liars or just marathoning the show on Netflix. (Let's be honest, you can never watch it too many times, and in many cases, re-watching helps remind us of all of the crazy plot lines.) Some of the quotes stick with us because they are just that funny and totally true to the quirky nature of PLL. Others just haunt us because they have the biting edge of A's voice.

In any event, there are some quotes that are too good to not be used in everyday life. I gathered a few of them so you can slowly integrate them into conversations. Whether you're a long-time Pretty Little Liars fan or have never seen the show, it's never too early to incorporate these quotes into your life.

1. "People Are Toads." — Mona

For when you need a succinct, yet accurate way to describe your peers.

2. "It's Immortality, My Darlings." — Alison

Just some vintage Alison DiLaurentis words of wisdom for when you need to express you world-weary views.

3. "God, I Miss Food." — Veronica Hastings

This is appropriate for any situation.

4. "Don't Apologize For Who You Are And What You Want." — Alex Santiago

Spencer's fling with a Rosewood Country Club employee was short-lived, but this wise sentiment is worth hanging on to.

5. "You're So Tiny And I Love You." — Spencer

Whether you're speaking to Lucy Hale or not, this is a sweet sentiment.

6. "When You Love Someone, It's Worth Fight For No Matter What The Odds." — Aria

Aria knows what it's like to fight for a relationship, so this advice rings especially true.

7. "Hanna Knows What Hanna Means." — Hanna

Don't let anyone talk down to you.

8. "Wow, That Is So Me Of You." — Spencer

Even your close friends can still surprise you.

9. "Aren't You Sick And Tired Of Being You?" — Allison

This will come in handy if you ever need to explain your secret identity.

10. "10 Feet Away From My Lilacs!" — Veronica Hastings

While this refers to something slightly (okay, very) dark, it's a fun phrase to drop at random.

11. "Different's Good. I Like Different." — Toby

Awww, early-era Toby! Before he was one half of the Spoby power couple, Toby dispensed some pretty smart advice to Emily.

12. "Why Enjoy Today When You Could Be Worrying About Tomorrow?" — Spencer

This should seriously be the town motto of Rosewood. In any case, it's also useful to drop when feeling overly stressed.

13. "Oh, Please. I'd Rather Stick A Knife In The Toaster." — Veronica

Slay, Veronica Hastings, slay. Another versatile quote for day-to-day life.

14. "Sometimes Things Look Bad And They're Really Not. Sometimes There's Another Explanation For What's Going On." — Emily

Trust Emily to see things from the bright side.

15. "I Can't Run Around Without A Phone. That's Like Going Around Without A Brain." — Hanna

When you accidentally dropped your phone in a toilet/swimming pool/other body of water, Hanna gets your pain.

16. "Life Isn't Always Romantic. Sometimes, It's Realistic. Sometimes, Things Don't Work Out The Way You Want Them To." — Ezra

Some more real-life wisdom served to you by Ezria.

17. "Do Not Hurt My Friends. If You So Much As Touch One Hair On Their Heads, I Will Make You Very Sorry." — Spencer

For when you're a protective Mama Bear looking after her cubs.

Now go forth and drop Pretty Little Liars quotes in your daily life.

Images: ABC Family (screenshot); Giphy (17)