14 Times Hanna Marin From 'Pretty Little Liars' Was You On The First Day Of School

It's kinda funny how life works. For so many years, I remember dreading the first day of school. The new teachers, the unfamiliar classes, the uncertainty of where you'll sit come lunch time — it was all a rather stressful process. But now, looking back, I can't help but kinda miss it, which is why I've enjoyed living vicariously through the Liars and their drama-filled high school antics. In a way, it reminded me of my own academic experiences (you know, minus all the text threats and murder). But now that the Pretty Little Liars time jump is on its way, I'm scared I'll no longer be able to quench my teenage nostalgia. Luckily, PLL 's always relatable Hanna Marin has given us some great quotes throughout the years that perfectly encompass all of our first day of school woes.

Granted, there are numerous Hanna one-liners that are perfect for a variety of different situations, but when it comes to school-related feelings, she is the epitome of wisdom. So if you've been experiencing a few back-to-school jitters (or are feeling nostalgic about those former jitters), then just take comfort in knowing that Hanna feels your pain and can totally relate to it. But you don't just have to take my word for it. Here are all the times Hanna was totally you on your first day back to school…

1. When You Get Assigned Your First Piece Of Homework

How is it that less than 24 hours ago you were sitting poolside with your friends and now you have a two-page essay to write? It's just not fair.

2. When The Teacher Calls On You Right Off The Bat & You Don't Know The Answer

So much for making a good first impression.

3. When You're Instructed To Turn Your Phone Off

But how am I supposed to tweet about how angry this makes me?

4. When You Discover You & Your Bestie Share The Same Lunch Period

OK, so maybe this year won't be so bad after all.

5. When You Completely Space Out In Class

And daydream about summer.

6. When You Realize That Your Crush Is Already Seeing Someone

How did this even happen? That school year just started.

7. When You Lock Eyes With Your Longtime Frenemy

Yup. Bitch face is still on fleek.

8. When You Lie About Having A Hot Summer Fling To Make Everyone Jealous

Hey, we've all been there.

9. When Your Gym Partner Seems Like An Olympic-Level Athlete

Meanwhile, you're just trying to master some form of hand-eye coordination.

10. When The School Subjects Seem Pointless

And you just know you're never going to use this stuff in real life.

11. When A Fight Breaks Out In The Hallway

You don't necessarily care who wins just so long as a teacher doesn't come over too quickly to break it up.

12. When The Cafeteria Food Is Just As Bad As You Remember It

Where's a Starbucks when you need one?

13. When Your Teacher Reveals That The Clock In Their Classroom Is Ten Minutes Fast

The cruelest of all tricks.

14. When The School Day Is Finally Over

Only 179 more days to go. (Is it summer yet?)

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