Tina Fey & Amy Poehler's New Movie Has A Poster

Is there seriously anything better than watching Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on screen together? (Answer: No, there isn't, and that was obviously a rhetorical question.) Ever since I saw the teaser trailer for their new comedy, Sisters, back in January, I've been anxiously awaiting its debut. So, thank the heavens a new Sisters poster has been released — and thank the heavens even more that it just might be good enough to tide me over until the film comes out on Dec. 18.

If you haven't heard about the film... first of all, I'm very sorry. And, second of all, let me fill you in: The comedy stars everyone's favorite BFF comediennes, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, as — you guessed it — sisters. Basically, after learning that their parents have sold the house they grew up in, the dynamic duo returns to their hometown to clean out their old childhood rooms. When they arrive, though, they decide on doing something completely different instead: throw an epic rager, obvs. Because, seriously, what else would you do if you were Poehler and Fey-level sister BFFs?

Also, I think we can all respect that kind of procrastination.

In a sister movie trope that might not surprise you, Maura (Poehler) is the good, angelic sister, and Kate (Fey) is her gum-chewing, swearing counterpart. The newly released poster is an appropriate representation of this character depiction, but also an adorable showcase of the kind of relationship these sister's have. Check out the poster in question, below:

Let me just say what you are all thinking right now: SISTER GOALS. OK — so that's out of the way, now what does the new poster say about the upcoming comedy? After some deep and thorough analyzing, here's what I've deduced.

The Sisters Will Be Close

I mean, the poster lays it out for you right there, people: "They don't get closer than this." In essence, the whole poster is basically an analogy for the bond between Fey and Poehler's characters, and that's so adorably adorable, I just don't even know what to do with myself.

The Movie Will Have Heart

Just look at these two! Gazing into each other's eyes with what I can only assume is mutual admiration and deep respect for one another. Though they might be different, there's a lot of love in that bathtub. And no, that wasn't meant to sound as weird as it did. You better believe that this movie will bring you mad sister feels. Also, not meant to sound as weird...I give up.

It Will Also Have R-Rated Jokes

If you watched the trailer, then you might know this is an R-rated film, but in case you forgot: There it is on the poster too. I think we can guarantee that the comedy will be a bit risqué — but that it will also be none other than hilarious.

The Characters Will Learn From Each Other...

You can tell a lot about these two characters just from looking at this poster. Just check out those boxes: Kate's is labeled "Kate's sh*t" and is full of lingerie and alcohol, while Maura's says "Maura's special memories," and includes a flute. The reason for such a blatant portrayal of differences between these sisters is an obvious set up for them to learn from each other and grow.

... And Surprise One Another

Again, painting these characters in such distinctly disparate light feels like a set up for change. Meaning that, more than likely, Kate will do things that surprise Maura, and Maura will do things that surprise Kate. And it will all be in good, typical Poehler/Fey fun.

December 18 can't come soon enough. (Also, I'm still waiting on my invitation to officially become a part of the Poehler/Fey friendship. So, Amy? Tina? Call me.)

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