Lizzie McGuire Is All Of Us During Autumn

Sure, Lizzie McGuire has been off air for a while now, but I’m telling you — every time the weather gets a little colder, I get a little bit more nostalgic. And by that, I mean I break out my old Lizzie McGuire DVD set. You know what I noticed upon my approximately 300th reviewing of my fave TV show of girlhood’s yore? Lizzie McGuire just gets me when autumn rolls around.

I have no shame in my McGuire game, especially during this time of year. Because, let's be real: there's nothing better than cozying up and reminiscing about Hilary Duff’s humble beginnings on one of the best teen sitcoms ever. If you were a preteen or teen during the '00s, then you probably looked up to Lizzie, and might have even envisioned a scenario where you yourself had an animated alter-ego. If that’s the case, well then — you and I? We understand each other on a deep, fundamental level.

And you know who else understands us? Lizzie, of course. She totally understands what it's like to being a living, breathing human person pretty much at all times in the year, but most especially in the the fall. Need proof? Here are all the times she knew what was up, autumnally speaking, of course.

1. When You Have Nothing To Wear...

What happened to all my fall clothes from last year? Why don't I own a jacket? Why is it sweater weather in the mornings and then tank top weather in the afternoons?

2. ...Until You Find A Killer Jacket

Perfect. I will wear this until I literally cannot wear it anymore.

3. When You're Down To Do Nothing But Watch Movies

I will be in a cocoon of blankets if you need me. Send food if you wish.

4. When Pumpkin Spice Is Everywhere

I will take approximately 3,000 of everything, thank you.

5. When You're In Line At Starbucks

Listen, Dave. You know I love you and think you make a killer PSL, but if you could just not forget my order next time, that would be amazing. Thank you.

6. When You Go Home For Thanksgiving And Your Relatives Ask Why You Are Still Single

Just let me eat my carbs.

7. About 15 Minutes Into Black Friday Shopping

Please don't make me go to Best Buy. Did you even listen to Serial?

8. When Your Friends Try To Get You To Dress Up For Halloween

Why does no one support my decision to be a Game of Thrones character this year?

Thanks Lizzie, for always having my back. And for putting into words what I personally was unable to articulate. Where would I be without you? (Besides without all those regretful hair choices in my preteens.)

Images: Disney Channel Original Productions; astrologyexplained, ecogothsquad, drunkcrier/Tumblr; Giphy (5)