Millennials: A Review of Our Gaffes, Failures and Successes in 2014

Over at TIME, Gen Y writer Jack Dickey wonders whether Millennials have become "the punchline of the year." His reasoning has something to do with Shia LaBeouf, a honeypot named Sasha and an exam-fearing Harvard sophomore — three individuals recently associated with technology-aided idiocy. From here, Dickey extrapolates in a mumble to all Millennials —how technology is shaping us, how we've automated our nuisances. I'm honestly not really sure what his point is. However, it's still a good question: Has Gen Y been a major punchline in 2013? This year, more than any recent years I remember, has seemed particularly brimming with Millennial hate. So I Googled "Millennials 2013" to see what our greatest hits of this year were.

After several marketing firm studies, there's a link to a Pew Research Center report titled "On Pay Gap, Millennial Women Near Parity — For Now." It details how young women now make almost as much as their male peers throughout their twenties, but shouldn't expect it to last — not a funny punchline. Moving on ... A Forbes piece from pollster John Zogby that trots out Millennial tropes about soccer trophies and mobile technology in the first paragraph. A delightfully smarmy essay from Zara Kessler about why 2013 was a really big year for us.

Didn't we? Check out Kessler's piece for a comprehensive roundup of things people said about Millennials in 2013. I won't even attempt to compete — I'm still working on the first page of "Millennials 2013" Google results here. Which brings us to: Another Pew survey, this one on how we "still lag" in forming our own households (punchline: the Great Recession has crippled your chances of achieving once traditional life milestones! xoxo, boomers). It reminds me of the greatest video made by Millennials about Millennials this year:

Stephen Parkhurst on YouTube

Then another piece in TIME, this one asking whether Gen Y may be "the next greatest generation" (answer: probably; #sorrynotsorry X-ers). And, rounding out the first page of Millennial 2013 results: Buzzfeed, of course, with 19 things we learned about Millennials in 2013. We're stressed! We like expensive cities! We live with our parents! Cheers,Gen Y — to 2014!

Images: Snapr/Flickr; Buzzfeed