'Sherlock' Christmas Eve Mini-Episode Drops Clues About Benedict Cumberbatch's Fate

The last two years have been tough for fans of BBC's Sherlock. Unfortunately for fans of Benedict Cumberbatch's savvy sleuth (you betcha a mega spoiler is coming up, folks), when we last saw Sherlock he was tumbling down a waterfall to his death. Now, just in time for Christmas, BBC has released a 7-minute teaser in the form of a Sherlock mini-episode that explores the mysterious crime-solving taking the globe by storm since Sherlock's disappearance.

Of course, crime-solvers around the world are atwitter, with many supposing that the new, mysterious crime-solver is none other than Sherlock himself. The new mini-episode explores the mystery and even finds Watson (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug star Martin Freeman) viewing a video of Sherlock with a sad little glass of scotch.

The video doesn't exactly serve up answers, but it certainly manages to whet fans' appetites for Sherlock's highly anticipated January return. And, luckily for U.S. viewers, they're no longer forced to watch Tumblr and Twitter explode with Sherlock spoilers as they await the U.S. airing; the show's producers are finally airing the series simultaneously (well, near simultaneously) in the U.S. and Britain which means the New Year really will be a happy one for Sherlock fans.

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Image: BBC One