Gwyneth & Chris Are The Perfect Celebrity Exes

Coldplay rocker Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow may have made headlines when they "consciously uncoupled" in early 2014, but that has not kept them from still reigning as one of Hollywood's most perfect pairs. Since their split, the exes have vacationed together, supported each other's new relationships, and reportedly even still have brunch together on occasion. This past weekend, at the Global Citizen Festival, Paltrow supported Martin during Coldplay's performance, proving once and for all that Gwyneth and Chris are the best celebrity exes around.

At the two-day-long NYC festival, which saw over 60,000 people attend – and which Martin is the line-up curator, a gig he'll hold until 2030 —Paltrow and her children were spotted singing and dancing along to Coldplay's performance of "A Sky Full of Stars," from the front row. Later in the concert, Martin also performed the song "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" with Ariana Grande at the behest of the couple's son, Moses. If that's not a perfect example of co-parenting (and just Martin being the coolest dad ever), I don't know what is.

Here are six other reasons Martin and Paltrow went from the perfect couple to the perfect exes.

They Are Honest About How Difficult Co-Parenting Is:

At the #BlogHer15 event, Paltrow was open about how she and Martin have made co-parenting a priority in their lives. They even, apparently, still go to brunch — because it's Sunday, and that is just what their family does.

They Share Amazing Family Vacations

Paltrow and Martin recently vacationed together with their two children in Mexico. Vacationing with your ex? That takes commitment.

Paltrow Calls Martin Her "Baby Daddy"

Now that's adorable.

They Retweet Each Other

Nothing says "we're a team" like retweeting your ex.

Paltrow Sends Martin Adorable Father's Day Shout-Outs

They may not be romantically linked anymore, but they still obviously care about one another. Paltrow is constantly praising Chris Martin's parenting in the press. She even introduced him as, "Father of the Year" at the Inspiration Gala for the AIDS charity amfAR.

They Spent The Summer Together

This past year, Martin rented a house near Paltrow's in the Hamptons so the family could spend the summer season together.

Congrats Martin and Paltrow! You guys make divorce look so good.