7 Super Old John Oliver Videos That Every Die-Hard Fan Needs To Watch

What would we do without the wit and real talk of John Oliver? We're used to laughing through headlines with him on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his resume. I mean, Oliver has cracked jokes to critique society on both sides of the pond and around the world. If you're a true fan of the comedian, you'll appreciate these old Oliver videos. If you're not a true fan, you might be after you watch them.

Oliver first made a name for himself in his native Great Britain in the early 2000s with annual performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. He also appeared in several film and television projects before making the move to New York in 2006, when he joined The Daily Show. In 2008, he got his first hour-long Comedy Central stand-up special, John Oliver: Terrifying Times. Nowadays, as any true fan knows, Oliver spends his time hosting his HBO show, co-hosting a weekly podcast called The Bugle, and performing stand-up shows around the world.

No matter what he's working on, Oliver brings his dry humor and much-needed commentary to the table. These impressive and hilarious videos from his past prove nothing less.

On The N-Word

In this 2007 clip from The Daily Show, Oliver shows that he has never been afraid to tackle controversial topics. I'm still waiting for the detective-style crime show this segment should have inspired, though.

On The Emmys… And Football

AirAmericaMedia on YouTube

When Oliver won an Emmy for his work with The Daily Show in 2009, he was actually more excited that the Dallas Cowboys were losing their game that night. He also got hilariously offended when the interviewer in this clip turned away from him briefly to talk to his then-boss, Jon Stewart. But at least he had an Emmy, right?

On His British Accent

This bit comes from the opening of Oliver's 2008 Comedy Central special. Who knew that the only thing standing between Americans and a British accent was a cup of tea? Also, who knew that someone could introduce himself so perfectly?

On Immigration

Immigration is in the news pretty much every day now — and Oliver covers it regularly in his shows. But this 2006 clip from The Daily Show, which aired shortly after he began his work on the show, explains Oliver's perspective on his own journey to America.

On British Etiquette

In Oliver's first Daily Show appearance back in 2006, he explained to Stewart why then-Prime Minister Tony Blair didn't mind watching then-President George W. Bush chew with this mouth open. He also explained that Americans are all spelling "yo" wrong. We should have known right then that we were in for many future laughs from Oliver.

On Torture

While at The Daily Show, Oliver took on the role of Senior Interrogation Analyst for this clip in 2007. The overwhelming applause at his introduction shows that it didn't take long for Oliver to develop a loyal fan base among Americans. Otherwise, the audience is reacting to the topic of torture — ahem, "enhanced interrogation" — very inappropriately.

On How To Negotiate A Job Offer

breakroomlive on YouTube

In 2009, one of Oliver's friends tried to woo him away from The Daily Show — but he didn't bite until the friend offered him his own line of British tea. He also made a Donald Trump reference that isn't lost on viewers today.

Before there was Last Week Tonight, there were plenty of other outlets for Oliver's quick wit and skilled delivery. It's no wonder he's garnered such popularity around the world. Not to mention, the British accent gives everything he says the sound of authority, as he puts it.