Who Is "Strand"? The New 'Fear The Walking Dead' Character Got A Spooky Introduction

There hasn't been much time to expand the world of Fear The Walking Dead, but Sunday's episode just gave one new character one heck of an introduction. We finally met "Strand," played by Colman Domingo, on Fear The Walking Dead. He's a well-dressed mysterious gentleman who loves metaphors and is being held in the hospital/prison that the National Guard is taking those that they can't control. Whether or not he's the villain or your new favorite anti-hero remains to be seen.

He started with an epic monologue that seemed like something out of Arthur Miller or David Mamet. Strand also had facial hair that, since it's still fresh on my brain, reminded me a little of Chris Rock on Empire. That had me worried that he was going to turn out to be a secret cannibal too. However, Strand's method of intimidation is not physical or even illegal, it's intellectual. He knows how to read people and use that power to drive them insane. His first victim was Doug, the neighbor in the previous episode who panicked at the thought of not being strong enough to save his family. However, Strand's newest cell mate is Nick, and the two of them seem to get along.

Strand is, of course, actually running this place from the inside. He traded his watch and his ring for favors with the guards. One of those favors was to keep Nick from being removed from the cell. He basically saved his life, though Strand sees it as obligating. Nick hasn't been my favorite character, I get too distracted remembering that he's not Johnny Depp, but this could be the start of a beautifully weird friendship. What's more? He has a key. Looks like Nick and Strand will be back on the road soon.