How To Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist On iOS9? This Quick Fix Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

If you recently updated your iPhone to iOS9, you may be wondering what is making your iPhone bill so high — which is exactly why you need to know how to turn off Wi-Fi Assist iOS9. To explain, the feature was made to compensate for bad connectivity in places where you had Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi was extremely slow. Instead of letting it slow you down, the Wi-Fi assist then boots itself up and starts using data to make up for lost time.

In theory, this is a really great idea for those of us who can't handle the pressure of waiting another six seconds to load our streaming television at the gym. The only problem? It eats up enough data that it has started racking up unexpected fees on people's phone bills. The update has only been around for a little more than a week, and already people have been getting bills that were in the thousands, unaware that Wi-Fi Assist was launched by default with the new update.

But never fear! It may come in handy when you need it, but there's an easy fix to turn it off for the times you don't. Here are the steps to turning off Wi-Fi Assist:

1. Go Into Settings, And Hit Cellular

2. Scroll All The Way To The Bottom

3. Slide Wi-Fi Assist Off

4. Be A Boss At Life

And the best part is, if you ever really do need the function, you know exactly where to find it. Happy iPhone-ing everyone!

Images: Emma Lord; Pexels; Giphy