8 Ways Confident Women Rock Being Single

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Here's a scene you single women might be able to relate to: your friends are leaning over their plates, eyes wide, expectantly blinking as they wait for you to dish. They're all in relationships and have just gone around in a circle talking about their sex lives (or lack thereof), their partner's hygiene (or lack thereof), and their recent adventures (or lack thereof), and they want to know what your wild and crazy single life is like.

They've all been with their partners for eons and if they're not married or engaged to be married, they're right around the corner from 'til death do us part and they want a vicarious taste of the single life via you, their exotic zoo animal. But the last thing you want to do is dish. Even if you do have a few good stories to tell, you don't want to tell them. You don't like how they make you feel lesser, different. It's unfair to assume that someone who is single is out having casual sex and making mistakes. And it's patronizing to console someone who is single. Who says you're unhappy?

There are two different ways people tend to look at being single. There's the half-empty attitude, which is the insecure way of living la vida uno. The type of woman who feels incomplete without a partner fails to see the value in herself and is more likely to have trouble finding a partner when the time is right. Then there's the half-full attitude, which is adopted by confident women who rock being single. While they might be aware that there's more room in the cup, they're not focused on it. They're too busy being enough. So don't offer them your condolences, their eyes are dry. Here are eight ways confident, glass half-full women rock being single.

They own it

They're not home every night crying away the fresh ink in their journal. They accept that they're not in a relationship and they embrace it. Being single is a choice, not a sentencing.

They have high standards

Because they're confident and they believe in themselves, they're not holding an "Open for Business" sign out of their bedroom window. Just because they're alone, doesn't mean that they'll take anyone who walks through the door. They have patience and virtue and won't settle. Just because they're single, doesn't mean they're damaged goods.

They make personal goals

They focus on themselves. This is their time to be selfish and turn all of their attention inward. Confident single women have the energy to challenge and better themselves, for themselves.

They build a full life

Women often seek relationships to fill holes in their lives. The best partners however, go into relationships without holes. Their lives are both full and fulfilling before they enter the relationship which then gives them more to offer. A relationship should be the cherry on top of an amazing life.

They take care of themselves

Being healthy doesn't necessarily having a perpetually green juice mustache, it just means having a good relationship with your body and mind. These women take care of themselves because it makes them feel good, not to make others feel good.

They find their style

Some women who are single and insecure exert a lot of energy on their looks. They dress to impress potential parters and to communicate certain needs or desires. Women who are single and confident find clothing that makes them happy and makes them feel like themselves. If other people are receptive to their style, great — if not, oh well.

They squash their fears

These women are not afraid of being alone. They don't care what society thinks of their solo status and they don't let their singleness keep them from living their lives. They're their own +1.

They get out there

They take full advantage of their ability to meet and get to know new people. They go out and make new friends whenever possible. This might be the only time in their lives that they need to worry about how their actions affect others. This doesn't necessarily mean they're out sleeping with the whole city (although power to you if that's your jam) — it just means they don't take their social lives for granted.

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