Sawyer Fredericks' Instagram Is Sooo Typical Teen

I can't even imagine being The Voice winner Sawyer Fredericks. He went from a being a normal 16-year-old kid to being mentored by Pharrell Williams and eventually winning the competition on Season 8 of The Voice . That has to be such big change. Fredericks went from being a high school student to getting songs on the iTunes chart. How does he deal with that? Has he gone all Hollywood now that he's had a taste of fame? Not quite. It turns out that the teen is actually a pretty normal guy. If you check out his Instagram, you will see that Fredericks is still your typical teenage boy, minus that whole thing about being a well-known singer. A scroll through his photos will show you that he's all about keeping it real and hasn't let his singing career go to his head.

He is definitely someone who his fans can relate to and he tries his best to be grounded even with his recent success and attention. Fredericks is just a normal teen who loves hanging out with friends, making Pic Stitches, showing off his pets, taking selfies, posting throwback photos, and just getting silly from time to time. Here are a few of his pics that prove just that.

He Rock Climbs

Fredericks' life isn't just studio sessions and performances. Sometimes he just needs to do something active outside of his music career.

He Chills With His Dog

If you are a teenager and don't post pics of your dog, do you even love him? Aside from the music stuff, most of his Instagram is about his pets. #TotalTeenMove

He Does Chores

Even though he has found some fame from The Voice, he doesn't mind helping out on his family farm and even smiles in the process.

He Watches TV With His Phone In Hand

This is just the epitome of all things teenager: taking a photo while on your phone while watching a television show. It does not get more normal than this.

He Plays Guitar

Aside from the fact that Fredericks is a professional singer now, it is not at all unusual for a teenage boy to post photos with a guitar on Instagram.

He Plays Games With Friends

He still has time for his friends even with his busy schedule these days.

He Documents New Haircuts

Pretty much every teen posts about a major hairstyle change on social media. It's the best way to let your friends know about a new look.

He Thanks His Friends For Birthday Wishes

Just because Fredericks has a few thousand more followers than most 16-year-olds, that doesn't mean he's not grateful for all of the birthday sentiments.

He Gets Silly For The Camera

I don't even totally know what's happening here, but it looks like he is definitely having fun.

He Posts Throwback Photos

Baby Sawyer looked so cute in that Superman outfit. Were you even a baby if you don't post a #TBT photo as evidence?

He Posts Pic Stitches

Teens love to Pic Stitch photos together for Instagram. Sometimes you just have too many great pics to choose from, so you might as well post them all.

Despite his fame and success on The Voice, Fredericks is keeping it real and staying grounded. If we ever see him endorsing teeth whitening products or some sort of weight loss tea on Instagram, we should be concerned, but for now it seems like he is just happy being a regular kid who gets to do what he loves.