5 All-Natural Lubes To Try

If you're the type who obsessively reads the labels on food and beauty products and gets a bit of a lady boner from phrases like "phthalate free" or "ethically sourced," then all-natural lube is for you. Although trying out that novelty bacon-and-chocolate-flavored, super duper warming lubricant may sound exciting, those with chemical allergies know it can actually have disastrous side effects on your nether regions. Even if you don't have chemical allergies, some of us still prefer the materials we ingest or put on/in our bodies to be a bit more of the earth than of a laboratory, because no one ever said, "hey, let me put this goo with 25 mystery chemicals up my vagina!"

Unfortunately, even widely used sexual lubricants like KY are questionable. A lot of synthetic lubes contain parabens, which can irritate and damage skin, and synthetic glycerin, which can trigger yeast infections. But never fear, all-natural lube isn't that hard to come by (pun intended), because there plenty of women who don't want to harsh their sexual mellow with harsh chemicals. For crunchy hippies, environmentalists, and super sensitive skin-havers alike, here are five all-natural lubes to try, because a healthy vagina is a happy vagina.

1. Sutil

Sutil Lube, price varies, Sutil

Sutil is an eco-certified "fine botanical lubricant" that includes lotus root and oat beta glucan. It's paraben free, glycerine free, long-lasting, and feels fantastic — just like silicone, but not!

2. Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love Lube, $12, Amazon

Good Clean Love is a woman-owned and run, certified B Corp company with the goal of fostering both ethical and emotional responsibility. Their lube is free of petrochemicals and parabens and their mission is to "increase the quality and quantity of healthy loving relationships on the planet by providing natural sexual well-being products and essential educational resources."

3. Yes

Yes Personal Lubricant, $16, Amazon

Yes was founded by two British friends in the pharmaceutical business who were well aware of the health risks certain synthetic chemicals posed. These ladies now make certified organic, plant-based intimacy products, and their water and oil-based lubes contain ingredients you've actually heard of, from aloe vera, flax, and sunflower to coca.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an ingredient in many all-natural lubes, so why not cut out the middlewoman and just get a plant of your own? On top of being a great sunburn healer, inflammation tamer, and make up remover, it will make your lady parts extra juicy.

Aloe Vera Gel, $10, Amazon

5. Coconut Oil

A dollop of organic coconut oil is great for cooking and even better for sexing. It's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and smells like a tropical vacation — just don't use it with a latex condom as it can cause breakage.

Coconut Oil, $16, Amazon

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